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Jun 15, 2006 12:25 PM

tonight in Pasadena??

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Help Me Chowsters -

Today is my B-day as earlier mentioned. Seems Gaucho Village not be the place for me. Can any of you out there think of a place that would be fun for my friend and I - He is a wheelchair user so it must be accessible. Glendale/Pasadena/Maybe beyond...

thanx mucho
Shari (AKA Kitchenqueen)

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  1. Marston's in Pasadena is a very nice, cozy restaurant -- I usually go there for breakfast/lunch but went to dinner there once and it was delicious as well. Their menu also rotates fairly regularly and I'm not sure if the one on their Web site is their most recent. There's a porch in the front but the restaurant is wheelchair-accessible from the back door.

    Link: http://www.marstonsrestaurant.com/

    1. How about Parkway Grill?

      1. i'd recommend either parkway grill or maison akira. i've had fantastic dinners at both places multiple times.

        1. where did u end up at? parkway??