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Jan 26, 2012 10:42 PM

would it be nuts to go for dim sum this sunday?

Hi friends,

Some out-of-town cousins have asked if we could go out for dim sum this Sunday. I'm thinking that perhaps every Asian family in the Bay Area might do the same, what with the Year of the Dragon and all. Where do you think we could go on Sunday midday, in SF or the East Bay, without waiting two hours for a table? I'm willing to do without the carts if we can get seated in a reasonable time.

Or should we just wait for Monday?


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  1. CNYD was monday and the parade is not this weekend so I think it will be like any other weekend.

    1. Yank Sing takes reservations.

      Yank Sing
      49 Stevenson St Ste Stlv, San Francisco, CA 94105

      1. We went to East Ocean Seafood in Alameda on CNY weekend one year, it was a little busier than usual but not much, I think we waited 10-15 minutes rather than our usual zero. They had some special dishes, which was fun.

        1. On the East Bay I would recommend East Ocean in Alameda or Asian Pearl in Richmond mall where there's the Ranch 99. If you get there by 11 a.m., the wait won't be too long.

          And yes, Chinese New Year has already passed. The parade is on Feb. 11, which marks the end of the spring celebration. The Chinese celebrate the coming of spring over a 15-day period, ending with a lantern parade, which is why the San Francisco parade is held at night.

          1. weekdays would be less busy.
            hong kong east ocean in emeryville (long waits here) or
            east bay saigon seafood harbor rst in richmond would be my choices.