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Jan 26, 2012 10:25 PM

Looking For: Pibil, Game, Pork Belly and More!

So I've traveled a good bit, had some amazing food, then came home and realized some of my favorites are hard to find near home. Please help me find:

Pibil (Puerco or Cochinita this wonderful dish is definitely my priority)
Game Meat (wild boar would be great but honestly I'll take any good game restaurants)
Bone Marrow
Pork Belly
Any good Cajun or Creole
Any other unique suggestions I should try!

I'm located in Silver Spring but don't mind traveling a bit, I'd prefer to stay near Silver Spring/Bethesda/Falls Church if possible, but if not such foods are definitely worth the drive. Thanks!

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  1. I've found marrow at Shoppers Food Warehouse, along with pork belly. They're also available at H Mart in Wheaton. Canales Meats in Eastern Market carries good andouille and sometimes tasso. The only places I've seen decent game are at the Butcher's Block and Society Fair, both in Old Town Alexandria; both will order whatever you need. They also carry white boudin. Some of the Latino grocers carry Argentinian blood sausage which is kinda halfway between an English blood pudding and a cajun red boudin.

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      You can also try the Amish Market in Laurel for Pork Belly and Bone Marrow around the corner is a Latino grocer Pan Am for the Argentinian blood sausage.

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        Thanks for the suggestions but I'm actually looking more for restaurants that serve these not places to buy.

      2. Are you looking for restaurants to have these items or places to buy them? I assume restaurants by the way it is written, if I am wrong sorry:

        Pibil- Not sure, you might check Mio's specials from time to time.
        Game Meat- Dino always has a good selection of game meat. I know there are other places, it is also kind of a fall thing. I think Bibiana had venison, duck. Buck's Fishing and Camping used to have a good amount of game meat.
        Bone Marrow- Blue Duck Tavern.
        Pork Belly- everywhere. Korean BBQ might be an interesting way to have it.
        Cajun or Creole: Bayou Bakery, I know there is a place in Bethesda and NW DC though that I haven't been to.
        Eola has an interesting menu you might like, as well as the aformentioned Mio. You might also like La Carenquena in Falls Church.

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          Thank you for the suggestions, you did read the OP correctly, I'm looking for restaurants

        2. Where did you travel, and what dishes did you especially love?

          1. You can find cochinita pibil tacos at Oyamel on 7th St NW. Very good.

            For Cajun/Creole with a twist, I'm digging Pearl Dive on 14th St NW. Go early or go late on the weekends, the waits are long.

            1. Pibil is on the menu at Fuego in Clarendon.