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Jan 26, 2012 09:51 PM

Milk powder in Montreal stores

Hi everyone, can any of you give me pointers about where to go to get some powdered milk (not coconut, not anything else, just regular powdered milk)? I do remember being in Amira before and seeing some but it was really expensive for just a small container of it and I'm wondering where I could get it for the least (although I don't want something that's suspicious in quality or anything). I want to make this with it: :-


Thank you in advance!

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  1. You can get powdered milk in just about any supermarket. Usually Carnation brand, sometimes house brand stuff. For something a bit cheaper there's another brand who's name escapes me available at Aubut.

    1. As SnackHappy says, any supermarket should have it. I get the no-name brand in a yellow packet at Loblaws/Provigo - the price is reasonable and I think there are a few sizes.

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        Great, thanks to both of you! I guess I need to keep my eyes open more when I'm in the supermarket. When I was a kid in the States I remember my busy parents being able to buy a huge box of powdered milk - akin in size to a box of cereal or instant potatoes. Let's just say I don't normally buy powdered milk nowadays :-)

      2. I have seen it in a lot of ethnic stores especially Middle Eastern grocery stores and Indian grocery stores. I don't buy it so I am not sure how much it costs.

        1. You might also be able to find it in the bulk foods section. I remember I had this one bread recipe that called for powdered milk and I didn't want to buy a whole box. I found it in a bulk foods bin and was able to buy just enough for the recipe.

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            Was it a recipe for Asian-style breads by any chance? Hmn, do you know which en vrac place it was? I found that Bulk Barn which I believe is in the West Island (haven't been yet) has a page on milk powder in its site, of course leading me to believe it would be there. So I might make a visit. As I mentioned, I did see it in Amira the MENA store but in a small container for what I thought was a lot of money......I did not notice it in its many bulk bins but perhaps I just missed it.

          2. I buy small packages of powdered milk in metro, provigo so they must still have it in boxes. I find it in baking section and I use it when I run out of milk to put in my coffee or tea as cant drink them black.