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Jan 26, 2012 08:07 PM

Recommendations during UMF 2012 please (Researched!!)


3 of us will be traveling to Miami for UMF 2012. We'll be staying at Continental Hotel Miami-Bayside (http://g.co/maps/adypp). One of us is a vegetarian (not vegan, just no meat and seafood). Unfortunately, since the festival is from 4-12 everyday, I'm restricted to all lunches and 1 rather late dinner. Here is what I've thought:

- Thursday (late dinner, around 12:30 AM) - Sugarcane
- Friday (lunch): Need some help in picking something from Havana Harry's, Las Culebrinas, La Esquina Del Lechon and Havana 1957
- Saturday (lunch): Michael's genuine
- Sunday (lunch): Sakaya Kitchen
- Monday (lunch): Need some help with this too. We may go to Sobe on Monday but both Pubbelly and Indomania do not do lunches. Also, if we decide not to venture out to SoBe, then something in downtown

I've looked at Francesco and Red Light but the vegetarian thing seems to be a problem there. In addition to the above, I could really use some recommendations for some breakfast and dinner (post UMF so 12:30-1:00AM) places around my hotel.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. > Saturday (lunch): Michael's genuine

    That won't work, they don't serve lunch on Saturday.

    See my recent post and CH ideas for Saturday lunch options:

    1. Pretty good choices but you should flip-flop Sakaya Kitchen and Michael's Genuine so you do the MGFD Sunday brunch (it's not open for Saturday lunch) - and you should make a reservation for brunch, it's always busy.

      You may want to consider adding Sustain (Midtown) and Yardbird (South Beach) to your rotation, both serve lunch and both can be vegetarian friendly.

      Nothing is jumping out to me for late-night dinner downtown. I'd be inclined to go across to the beach and go to Chow Down Grill or the Alibi.

      Just from doing a little research, it looks like these places have light night hours near downtown (though they're on the Brickell side which is not really walking distance) ->
      El Vato Tequila and Taco Bar
      Burger & Beer Joint
      Fado Irish Pub

      Of those, I've eaten at B&BJ (the South Beach location, not the Brickell one) and their burgers are solid.

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        Burger & Beer Joint is a must do. Your veggie friend will have options and the burger is tops. You could go to the Brickell location or do this on Monday on SoBe (it's around the corner from Pubbelly). Sparky's Roadside BBQ in downtown is another solid option as is Little Lotus. Not sure LL does lunch though.

      2. Thanks! I made reservations at Michaels for Sunday and Sugarcane for Thursday.
        Any recommendations between Havana Harry's, Las Culebrinas, La Esquina Del Lechon and Havana 1957? Would any of these have a couple of veggie options?
        I'll look into Yardbird and Sustain. Are there any ethnic places that I could try for lunch on Monday? I had tried Tap Tap (for diner) the last time I was in Miami and thought it was pretty good.

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          Cuban restaurants are generally not going to be very vegetarian friendly.

          Maybe consider Little Lotus - it's a hole in the wall type Japanese place but with lots of cooked dishes as well as sushi, along with some Indonesian stuff here and there, and several things a vegetarian could eat.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Thank you! I really wanted to try some decent Cuban food while I was there. Maybe, I'll can get something for my vegetarian friend someplace else. Is there a Cuban place (maybe one of the names that I mentioned or something else) that you would recommend?

        2. Thanks everyone! I've made a few reservations and have tried to research a little into dishes that these places do well. Could I please get some advice on specific dishes from people who've been to these restaurants. Something that may be missing from my list or something that I should avoid for sure :) Here goes,

          1. Sugarcane: Thursday (rather late) dinner - Spice of Love (drink), Duck Waffles, Goat cheese croquettes, Bacon wrapped dates, Octopus and Short Rib robata, Torrejas, Brussel sprouts (Seen some reviews about this containing too much sauce)

          2. Sakaya Kitchen: Friday lunch - Spicy tator tots, Honey orange ribs, coconut rice, magic hats

          3. Sra Martinez: Saturday brunch - Crispy artichokes, bacon wrapped dates, Pan Con tomato, Garbanzo stew, Egg yolk carpaccio, Churros with chocolate

          4. Michael's Genuine: Sunday brunch - Kimchi benidict, Wood oven baked double yolk egg, Burrata salad, Breakfast pizza, Cauliflower, Pot de creme

          5. Yardbird: Monday lunch - Chicken biscuits, Fried green tomato BLT, Mac and cheese, Shrimp and grits, Blackberry bourbon lemonade (drink)

          Thanks again!

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            Some of my favorites ->

            Sugarcane - crispy chicken necks, scallop crudo, tripe w kimchi, tomatoes & burrata, bacon wrapped dates, marrow bones, robata corn, cauliflower, hamachi hako roll, torrejas.

            Sakaya - pork buns, banh mi buns, Korean chicken wings, crispy duck sandwich, spicy tots, brussel sprouts, bulgogi burger.

            Sra. Martinez - egg yolk carpaccio, crispy artichokes, croquetas, crispy eggplant w honey, butifarra w white beans, choclo con chiles - not sure they're all on the brunch menu.

            MGFD - the things you mention there are stalwarts but the menu changes up pretty regularly and it's hard to go very wrong. The kimchi benedict still may be the best of the egg dishes. Crispy rice cake topped with an egg is another favorite. The house-made poptarts are also great.

            Yardbird - melons & cheese, Southern edamame, chicken biscuits, and I had a good pulled pork sandwich last lunch visit.