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Jan 26, 2012 07:56 PM

Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant in GTA?

We're visiting TO this weekend and would like to find an authentic Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant.
I've been looking on previous boards and they are all recommending Restoran Malaysia, Villa Malaysia and Gourmet Malaysia. However, when I look up reviews, many indicate these restaurants are closed.

Can anyone suggest a Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant in Richmond Hill or Scarborough area that is open?

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  1. They are not closed. I would go to gourmet garden. check their website for new address. unless decor is important then go to restoran Malaysia.

    What reviews say these restaurants have closed?

    1. As it is the Weekend and many still celebrating Chinese New Year, you might want to add a few more Singapore/Malaysian restaurants as backups. They might not be full service or top flavors but at least you won't be waiting for hours and hours especially at Restoran Malaysia. Both South Asia Malaysia and Yummy Vietnamese are in the same plaza at Midland ave/McNicoll Ave.

      1. Gourmet Malaysia is most definitely open. I just went 2 nights ago. Very good food.

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          I would recommend Gourmet Malaysia. Cheap prices and tasty food. Especially now that it is no longer in a food court.

        2. I went to Gourmet Malaysia this weekend and it was fantastic!
          My husband spent some time in Singapore and Malaysia and he was quite impressed!
          Thanks for the referral!!

          P.S. Villa Malaysia is closed according to Urbanspoon.

          1. The above are all recommendations for Malaysian-oriented cuisine. If you're looking for authetic Singapore-oriented cuisine, I would not go to any of these places. Consider going to Lion City restaurant in Mississauga, despite the location. Go just before or after peak hours and request the head chef/owner Lilian Ow to cook for your table.