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Jan 26, 2012 06:39 PM

Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Greenville SC

We've been doing a quick happy hour at smileys for years.Tonight was really the first time I sat down and checked out the updated menu.My wife's cream of mushroom soup(of all things) was very good.My fried oyster app had that creamy,just done oyster texture that is so hard to pull off.The Folly Beach shrimp are just that,brought up from Crosby'd at Folly every week,Really!.They remined me of the shrimp at Pearlz in Charleston. The pesto pizza points had a more complex flavor and better crust than I expected.The apple pie at the end stopped us in mid sentence.

The new guy running the kitchen cut his teath at Devereaux's.I guess thats good!Don't go for intimate conversation or a white tablecloth experience.Go for a funky Asheville atmosphere and better bar food than anybody has any right to expect,and live music from 7:00 until.

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  1. Alice is a great bartender also.

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      Did you come by on Sat for the smoked pig?

      I misunderstood what the deal was and encouraged an SUV load of friends to come for "free BBQ and beer" I ended up paying a bar tab for ten,but it was all in good fun and Smiley's happy hour has always been easy on the wallet.