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Jan 26, 2012 06:39 PM

help - mocktails needed :s

Hi all,

I'm looking for a mocktail idea/recipe. I'm hors d'oeuvre for an event at my school, but my chef asked me to do a 'mocktail' as well. I've decided to make a balsamic roasted veg crostini-type thing (playing around with many ideas still!) and I want something light to compliment it.

Any ideas would help :)

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  1. I can give you a lot of ideas, but an idea of what you'd prefer to work with would help. In which direction are you hoping to head? Berries? Citrus? Sweet? Tart?

    1. This site looks good:
      Saw one with pear, too, that might compliment roasted vegetables.

      1. I'm stuck on the pairing with roasted veggies. Maybe a sparkling lemonade with a sprig of thyme and sprig of rosemary?

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          or apple based with those herbs... or ginger?


          This NYTimes article is a keeper. While aimed at pregnant ladies, it certainly works for anyone looking for a delicious mocktail idea.


            N/A Sangria should stand up to those roasted vegetables, this is just one way of making it, but thought you could use the idea