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Jan 26, 2012 05:50 PM

One fun night in Seattle

hi there,
Looking for rec's for our next weekend's one night stay in Seattle. There will be 4 of us (2 couples)all in our early 30's - staying 2 blocks from pike market. We will have a car, but walking distance would be prefered.
Being from Vancouver we have our share of Asian/ethnic restaurants. Looking for a few decent restaurants/pub/gastro-pub's. Something somewhat casual and fun. Good food and drinks within a fairly reasonable price range !!
A few places I've tried: the black bottle, Spur.
So something along those lines, but really any advice on places that showcase Seattle's food scene and help in making it a fun night is greatly appreciated.
Also .. I was thinking Lowell's for breakfast..,?
Thanks !!

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  1. Jmil, Based upon your criteria, the Palace Kitchen would be my go to place. I also recommend Lowell's for breakfast as a true Seattle experience.

    1. +1 on Lowell's for breakfast; great oyster or crab omelette's with a view;)!
      You might head to Capitol Hill and do Quinn's; one of our other best gastropub's. Great food, and always have foie and marrow bones on offer.

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        Quinn's all the way!
        We thought Lowell's food was disappointing although the view was nice.
        We preferred the Portage Bay Cafe for brunch.

      2. As GingerShelley points out Quinn's is kind of the local standard-bearer for gastropubs; in your closer vicinity, Black Bottle would be a similar option. Many people love Spur, but I was unimpressed -- good food but overpriced and for my taste kind of finicky for a bar.

        Might also recommend Lecosho (porktastic) very close to you in the Harbor Steps, second Leper's rec for Palace Kitchen (Northwestern comfort food) a slightly longer walk, or maybe Steel Head Diner, which is right in the market, kind of an upscale diner. And I have heard good things about Coterie nearby in Belltown but haven't been yet.

        1. If you like oyster you must go to Elliot's for happy hour.

          1. Maybe Skillet.

            Smith for breakfast.

            Both require a short cab/bus ride to capitol hill though.