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Jan 26, 2012 05:20 PM

Korean Tofu Soup (soon dubu) in Chicago?

I just moved here and was wondering if there were good places to get soon dubu, which is a Korean tofu soup. Where I lived before (Bay Area, San Diego), the BBQ-focused places often didn't have as good soup as the more soup-oriented places.

I read some good thing about Solga but it seems more BBQ-oriented. Any places specialize in soup? Is Cho Sun Ok good?

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  1. Cho Sun Ok is also BBQ-oriented (and yes, it is really good!). Chodang Tofu ( in Mt. Prospect is the best soon dubu restaurant I've been. It's in the NW burbs. Perhaps make that a combo-trip with Woodfield Mall, Ikea, or Mitsuwa.

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      Thanks! I guess I'll wait until I'm willing to brave the drive up to Mitsuwa (it's a bit of a schlep for me).

    2. As a note, I saw this earlier posting just now (due to spelling mismatch I didn't see it before posting).

      1. The best soon dubu in the Chicago area can be found at Cho Jung in Gleview. Their seafood pajeon is also very good. Their banchan, while not the largest selection in town, are extremely fresh. I highly recommend a visit. I do not recommend their BBQ.

        Cho Jung
        952 Harlem Ave
        (between Dewes St & Glenview Rd)
        Glenview, IL 60025
        (847) 724-1111

        1. San Soo Gab San on Western and Berwyn has pretty decent dubu soup. Also, Sokongdong on West Bryn Mawr Avenue (maybe around 3300 West Bryn Mawr), at least the sign indicates that they specialize in dubu soup. Both are in Chicago.

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            I can't attest to it being the best, as it's my only sample, but we went to Sokongdong with a group of friends. We had the 'specialty' of the house, or at least that is what the owners daughter told us. It was tofu and seafood. Tasty. The women had an herbal tofu soup. Looked good too. One of our party had bbq short ribs ... they were tasty too.
            The usual 'side dishes' you get at Korean eateries were not bad either. All in all. it was and interesting outing. Not much for ambiance, but the place was filled with Koreans drinking bai jou (sp?) and enjoying their tofu dishes.
            Here is a yelp link:

          2. If you're ever in Hyde Park, Seoul Corea on 55th does a very tasty Haemul Soondubu Jjigae (soft tofu stew with mixed seafood).

            Seoul Corea Restaurant
            1603 E 55th St, Chicago, IL 60615