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Jan 26, 2012 04:30 PM

Pickapeppa special sauces in ATL metro

Just returned from Jamaica and enjoyed several new Pickapeppa flavors, including ginger-mango and spicy mango. Does anyone know where to find them in the ATL? They are not at YDFM or BuHi Farmers Markets. Thanks for your guidance.

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  1. I'd call Taste in Decatur--it's a little kitchen wares shop on Church St. I was looking for spicy chow-chow and couldn't find it anywhere, and Taste carried it. Another idea is World Market.

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      Thanks, ebennettatl. I had tried Taste and a few other spots around town in an effort to shop locally and to avoid delivery charges. No dice. Eventually I found a mail order place in Miami,, they supplied me with both the ginger-mango and the spicy mango.