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Eucalyptus, Jerusalem

AdinaA Jan 26, 2012 04:07 PM

I remember my first meal here in the 90's; it was a revelation, the creative combinations and masterful technique exposed me to things that I did not know chefs could do. Kosher restaurants were just not at this level in that era, and I really didn't know what a great, creative chef could do.

We went recently.

Michael Basson of Eucalyptus is still charming, and quite a showman. It was fun.

But, is it possible that he has lost his edge?

They advertised tasting menus, but, I thought tat part of the idea of a tasting menu is that the chef surprises you, experiments, decides what to cook at the moment or depending on what he sees at market. But the tasting menus at Eucalyptus are set, there are three and the dishes area all printed on the menu.

The food was good, but not exciting. This may not be fair, because I ate there only once this trip, and I know that real reviewers go multiple times, but I'm not in Jerusaelm that often. I had looked forward to this meal and (perhaps because I had looked forward to it), it was a disappointment.

  1. queenscook Jan 26, 2012 04:56 PM

    I went to Eucalyptus back in 2000, and was really blown away by the food and the experience, but when we went back a few years later (and after it had moved), I was very underwhelmed. I haven't been back since, and with so many other interesting kosher places doing really wonderful things with food (Pardes, anyone?), both here and in Israel, I'm not in any rush to return.

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