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Jun 15, 2006 01:52 AM

Cafe Stella in the sunset junction

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Is it really good? I've heard the prices are obscene and took a gander at the menu and steak frites are listed at like 34 bucks, and other dishes are in the late 20s at the very least, so anyways is the food here really good.

like is this one of the best steak frites in town or the best coteu du beouf in town, or roast chicken or duck confit, etc.

what do you think? and what would be better in the classis bistro or brasserie vein if cafe stella ain't so great?

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  1. When it first opened, Cafe Stella was a godsend. The food and menu haven't really changed since then, but the prices have DOUBLED! That steack-frites was about $16 or $17 when the place opened. It was exactly what a bistro should be - simple, well-prepared food at a reasonable price. Everything was under $20. They're still selling the same simple food but charging gourmet prices.

    It's got a nice French vibe, and is quite enjoyable if someone else is paying.

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    1. re: Jack Flash

      I was there for the first time in years the other night... Duck confit wasn't very good at all -- didn't melt like it should have, and might as well have been a chicken leg. The salmon, however, was perfectly prepared, and perfect in every way. On the owner's advice, I also got the bread pudding, which was also very good. FYI, the burger, which is only available at the bar (I tend to eat at the bar wherever I go) looked amazing and those eating it seemed thrilled. But then, it's like $16, so take that for what it's worth.

      Bottom line: It ain't cheap, but the bartender and owner were both really nice, and it's pretty, and you could do much worse. I'll be back, but probably not all that often.

      1. re: deadorinjail

        cafe stella is way overpriced for what you get. if it were half the price and you didnt want to drive then it would be cool.

        honestly, back in the day when it was half the price and i lived IN silverlake i still didnt like it that much either.

        1. re: modernist

          Agree. I'm also a bit surprised that it's being described as pretty, although I didn't eat inside. (The bulk of the restaurant is on a patio right off a noisy Sunset Blvd. intersection, and 'patio' is being feels more like an alley or breezeway between two buildings.)

          At the new prices it's hard to see how it's a great choice.

    2. It's awful. A total ripoff and misrepresentation of French cuisine. The famous steak-and-frites turned out to be a couple finger-size strips of sirloin on a plate with a triple order of In-and-Out quality shoestring fries. I went with three other people and on the way home all we could talk about was how bad it was. I can't remember anything on the table that anybody actually liked.

      1. I always want to like Cafe Stella. I can walk to it from my house so I've gone there five or six times. But I don't like it and won't go back. The food is at best mediocre and the prices are ridiculous for the quality. The service can be awful and nearly every time I've gone they've gotten orders wrong.

        1. the food is terrible, the service is rude....ugh.
          the place appears to always be busy when I drive by.
          It definitely caters to the silverlake "hipster' crowd (ugh again.).

          1. Cafe Stella was once mentioned on KCRW while I was driving with my wife.

            She screamed so loud I nearly swerved off the road.

            It was not a happy scream.

            'nuff said.