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Jan 26, 2012 02:52 PM

Stone Bowl Korean, Asheville

Just read about this place in The Mountain Xpress. Sounds promising. Anybody been?

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  1. It's been mentioned in some of the Asheville threads in the last few weeks. I hear good things though I haven't been there.

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    1. re: Leepa

      Haven't heard anything negative, except about slow service and lack of tables. I may give it a try this weekend. Stay tuned...

      1. re: Jeff C.

        So we tried this place for dinner Friday. We arrived at 5:30, and I'm glad, because thirty mins. later every table in the place was taken. Seriously, if you go on a weekend, go before six or after eight, or you'll be left standing in narrow doorway watching people stuff exotic yummies in their faces not three feet away. As for the food: Lord knows I'm no Korean food expert, but Stone Bowl seems authentic enough to me. It's certainly not "fusion," thank god, and though some may balk at prices that are comparable to those for similar fare in Charlotte, Atlanta, or New York, where else are you going to get authentic Korean in WNC? We were greeted promptly and warmly. The server was also prompt, warm and helpful, if a bit shy. We ordered the excellent fried dumpling app., which would've been more excellent had it arrived BEFORE the entrees instead of with. We both had the Stone Bowl special with spicy pork, which flexitarian wife especially enjoyed. If you are an unrepentant carnivore, however, you'll probably want to go with one of the more meat-centric entrees as this one has a higher percentage of rice and vegetables, a sort of Korean fried rice topped with a fried egg. All entrees also come 6-7 small side dishes, called "banchan." These were uniformly delicious, though the kimchee could've packed more punch. No full bar. Limited selection of beer and wine. Dessert was the two mints that came with the check. (None offered nor listed on the menu.) Total, pre-tip, for two beers, an appetizer, and two entrees with the aforementioned banchan sides: $47. Verdict: Good already, possibly great once they work out the new restaurant kinks.

        1. re: Jeff C.

          that is great to hear! been on our to-do list, but we had been out of town so hadn't had a chance to get there yet. I suspect we will get there shortly....

          1. re: Jeff C.

            how were the portions? $47 to go home full is one thing; $47 to make a sandwich an hour later is another.

            1. re: mark

              Factoring in the starch and veggies and numerous if small side dishes, I found it more than adequate.

              1. re: Jeff C.

                We have been twice. The kimchi soup is fantastic, steamed dumplings bland, and stone bowl a huge portion of rice. Salted mackerel also very interesting, service is shaky with lots of food going to wrong tables and incomplete courses sent ...a ie half of table waiting for their dishes.
                We like it and will return.

            2. re: Jeff C.

              The little side dishes are my favorite thing in Korean restaurants. Did they have the fresh radish kimchi (it's kind of sweet, slightly pickled)?

              1. re: Nudibranch

                Yesterday they had a nappa cabbage one and a bean sprout one

        2. just returned and it was pretty good. note: i am not particularly familiar with korean food, so authenticity, etc is out my ken. we started with the poached dumplings; very fresh tasting, i can understand the bland complaint above, but the accompanying sauce helps - we liked them. i had the eel stonebowl, which was good. the waitress stirred it together at the table, and, at my request added all the spicy condiment. it barely had any heat, although good flavor; i'll have to see if they can kick it up a bit. banchan were good, although a bit sweet across the board (may be typical, see note above) and, as jeff notes, the kimchee was mild compared to the others in my limited experience. my wife had a seafood and noodle soup in a red, peppery broth, and it was very good. (fyi for the squeamish, at least some seafood dishes will feature head-on shrimp, tentacles, other like squigglies - we had a good laugh over the reaction some of our family members would likely have.) portions were pretty good; i cleaned mine out, and am full, my wife brought home about a pint of soup. prices were ok; pre-tip with bar tab was $51. service was quick, knowledgeable, and attentive enough with 2 staff tag-teaming us. we'll be back.

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          1. re: mark

            Glad you liked it, Mark. I just read in The Mountain Xpress that Stone Bowl was having trouble keeping up with the demand for certain things like kimchee, so maybe that accounts for the lack of kick. (In Korea they bury it in sealed urns for weeks at a time.)

            1. re: Jeff C.

              Wow. I just had a spectacular stone bowl bi bim bap. It was excellent and I will be back very soon!