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Jan 26, 2012 02:41 PM

Grand Cayman Superbowl Sunday

I will be on Grand Cayman on Superbowl Sunday. Although I am not that interested in football, the Patriots are in the Superbowl and we are from NE. I'd love to find a place where we could watch the game but not neccesarily have it be a sportsbar atmosphere. We will probably have dinner elsewhere but if there was a place nice enough that had a tv that would work. thanks!

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  1. You won't have any trouble finding a place to watch the Superbowl. You can try the following places if you want a a sports bar atmosphere:Coconut Joe's,The Attic, Lone Star,Triple Crown, Legendz, Fidel Murphy's,Pirate's Den, to watch the Superbowl.

    I don't understand the TV that would work comment, it must be your first visit to Grand Cayman.

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      I really don't want a sports bar atmosphere. Aside from superbowl we are celebrating a special occasion so I am trying to find a nice place to be able to "keep tabs" on superbowl.