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Jan 26, 2012 02:32 PM

Looking for baked stuffed lobster....

Is anyone aware of a restaurant anywhere in Greater Boston ( or Eastern MA for that matter) that actually does this with some care and quality?

I'm not looking for some over breaded tourist shite, or some over cooked, let's used up last nights leftover cooked lobster abomination.

I'm looking for something real.

Please not Legal (adequate and uninspired food at best) or The Summer Shack (ridiculously over priced tourist trap). And yes, I know that I should have done this in November when the Hard-shells are at their peak.

Why, you might ask?

Because as serious a foodie as my wife is, she gets a hankering for this every few years ( a childhood memory) and this Valentines day I would like to indulge her.

Preferably a place that serves lunch.

Thanks for any positive input you can offer.

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  1. Scampo had this on their menu but recently changed the prep, you might want to check with them

    1. I recall getting an excellent, slightly non-traditional version at Cognac Bistro near Coolidge Corner. It was wearing a little wig of cress (or some other green). I don't see it on the current menu, however.

      1. Saw "Venus De Milo" in Swansea listed in a very old thread as having good baked stuffed lobster. Anybody been there lately? It seems unlikely as the place is basically a wedding mill?

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        1. I went to menupages for Boston and put it into "Find A Food." It spit out a list of predictable restaurants along with the Red House in Cambridge, Skipjacks in Boston and Tia's on the Waterfront.

          I have not had baked stuffed lobster at any of these places and it's not on the lunch menu at either Red House or Skipjacks but you could call them.

          And, remember to watch out for special menus for Valentine's Day. Some of then include the weekend before this year.


          1. I posted earlier, but for some odd reason my post seems to have been deleted. So I'll try again. My first choice would be Barker Tavern in Scituate, however I'm not sure they're open for lunch. I also like the version at Finz in Salem. They didn't have it on their lunch menu when I was there but when I asked they were very accomodating and made it. I know that Finz doesn't get a lot of love here, but it's a pleasant spot with water views and they do a good job with the baked stuffed lobster.