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Jan 26, 2012 02:26 PM

Green Eggplant Restaurant

Does anyone have some prices for Green Eggplant? Any feedback would be great.


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  1. Prices are standard. Nothing crazy. Sorry, no specifics.

    I really like their chicken schnitzel. Delish.

    I've only been to the Eglinton location.

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    1. re: magic

      Great Goulosh soup
      and the bread and eggplant dips Mmmmmmmm
      Prices are very reasonable given the size and quality of the food

        1. re: red dragon

          Did you check it out yet ?
          and if so what did you have.

      1. OK I hate to be non-substantial but my anal side is kicking in. How can a restaurant be called Green Eggplant and not be Thai? And also.. any EGGPLANT on the menu??? Even the grilled veggies seem to have everything BUT.

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        1. re: julesrules

          Ya who knows about the name. It seems odd.

          Is this a great spot? No. But they do a handful of things very well. It's probably not a destination spot but if you live in the area and know what to order it's totally fine.

          1. re: magic

            Can somebody comment on the chicken schnitzel here? I read somewhere that it is excellent and just wondering if its worth a drive to see for myself. Thx.

            1. re: barneyvernon

              I actually commented on it above.

              I think it's quite delish.....