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Jan 26, 2012 02:15 PM

Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn in Ann Arbor?

Has anyone seen Popcorn, Indiana's Buffalo Cheddar Kettlecorn in the grocery stores in Ann Arbor? My local store (northern Michigan) carried this flavor long enough for me to acquire an addiction and then it disappeared. I can pay a.premium online for it, but I'll be in Ann Arbor soon visiting family and would be so happy to snag a bag...or two, while I'm in town.
Oh, and in case you're thinking I should try contacting the company, I did. Their reply was "Our flavors are carried in stores all over the country!" I also tried begging my local store to bring it back, but they were not sympathetic to my quest. That spicy sharp goodness haunts me! Help?

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  1. Well, their website lists chains that carry their products, and a couple of the chains have searchable store inventory online, so for example (without leaving the couch)...

    Walgreens - not that flavor
    CVS - no info
    Bed Bath & Beyond - no info
    Meijer - no info
    Walmart - shows your flavor is carried in Saline among other stores. Not sure how you feel about the evil empire

    In general grocery stores that either let you do your shopping online or let you create shopping lists will have their inventory online, though you have to register; so for instance you can check Busch's or Whole Foods inventory this way.
    ps, just checked Busch's - not that flavor (and I'm not signed up at Whole Foods, sorry)

    Hope this helps

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    1. re: gooddog

      Thanks goodog. I tried Walgreens too (not that flavor), and Walmart's website does a search by zip code - when I had no success in all of Northern Michigan as well as the entire east side of metro Detroit, I gave up! I also tried Bed Bath & Beyond (not that flavor). I'm surprised how hard this has been for me to track down! Meijer is a possibility though, I haven't checked there yet, there is one about 40 miles from here, too. Thanks so much for the research!

      1. re: tokyo

        Babo, a new market downtown Ann Arbor at corner of Washington & Division, has a request board where you can request products. The counter guy assured me they do their best to get them.

    2. Try Hillers - if they don't carry it they will get it for you. Now I want to try it!!!

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      1. re: momskitchen

        Hehe - Pretty much if you like buffalo wing sauce and cheese popcorn, it's genius. I feel better somehow getting that tangy heat of wing sauce from popcorn rather than a fried buffalo wing. Probably kidding myself.

      2. We had some from Plum Mkt (Maple & Dexter) not too long ago.

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          1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

            This whole thread had me salivating! This stuff sounds fantastic.

            I went to the Plum Market in Bloomfield (Maple & Lahser) tonight specifically to look for it. They didn't have it, but they had other Popcorn, Indiana flavors. They did, however, say that they tend to put different flavors out every few weeks, because they don't have enough space to display all flavors all the time. So in a few weeks, they said, they might have it again. Not sure if this space issue/rotation is specific to this Plum location, or is true of all Plum locations.

            Will be interested to hear if the other two Plums in the area carry the stuff.

            1. re: jjspw

              Man, it's almost like they *want* to send you on a wild goose chase! My local store told me something similar- they get a rotation of flavors and never know what they're going to get. I haven't seen the Buffalo Cheddar there in over a year (I started looking around Super Bowl last year.) Thanks for relaying the info jjspw. TBC... :)

          2. I just checked at the Plum on Maple and Buffalo Cheddar there. However they did have an empty slot so possibly that flavor was sold out and the brand was on sale. Didn't have time to find someone for help, sorry.

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            1. Found them!! I was at the Walmart in Ypsilanti and they were there....about six bags of them. Not sure when you're heading there but maybe they will still be around. Funny that's only the second time I've even been in a Walmart, in my life....I'm one of those people who avoid going there. Anyway, I was wandering around while my cousin bought groceries to take back to his kids in Jakarta and thought I would take a chance and look for you. I do hope they still have some when you get here.

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              1. re: grouper

                No. Way. My faith in WalMart is restored! Rather, I don't have the kind of integrity that would keep me from patronizing WalMart for personal gain. Thanks grouper!
                I'm betting those six bags will be gone by the time I make it down (next week), but at least I know that flavor actually still exists. And WalMart really does sell it. Maybe they will even restock?...anyway, it's as close as we've come so far, right? :)

                1. re: tokyo

                  You're welcome tokyo! They were on the bottom shelf, so you just might be in luck.

                  1. re: grouper

                    Went to WalMart in Ypsilanti last night. Gone. Boo.

                  2. re: tokyo

                    I was going to comment that I saw these as well (just last week), but I couldn't remember where.
                    It was either the Walgreen's on Dixie in Clarkston, or the WalMart on M59 in White Lake.
                    Based on the other Walmart sighting, it was probably Walmart.