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Jan 26, 2012 01:59 PM

Are these places I should check out for 3 nights in Philly - Other thoughts??

Hi - I am on business in Philly for a few days by myself. I'll be working during the day, but I can do what I please at night. I am from San Francisco, love really good food and drink, and have no problem going and sitting at a restaurant bar by myself and having dinner. Here is what my friend form Philly (who now lives in SF) suggested:

Standard Tap
Village Whiskey
Talulas garden

I am staying in Rittenhouse square area (my friend didn't know that when he gave me recs).

Do you have suggestions or confirmations of his suggestions? I am a 32 yr old single woman, and I don't mind going out alone, but I'm not looking to get hit on or a collgeg bar scene! :)

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  1. All very good choices. Someone knows where to go! You may want to consider Jamonera. It's a brand new place that just opened closer to Rittenhouse that is similar to Amada (not that there's anything wrong with Amada). Make sure to get the haloumi cheese at Zahav. If you could get someone to go with you (I think they may need more than one to do this but am not totally sure) you could pre-order the Mesibah at Zahav to get the lamb with chickpeas. One of the top dishes in Philly IMO.

    1. If you are staying in the Rittenhouse area, also consider Lacroix (which is in the Rittenhouse Hotel). It is one of our best fine dining experiences.

      1. Standard Tap is good, and if your main concern is trying local beers on tap there probably isn't a better place but it's kind of a trek and cabs never seem to be as plentiful in Northern Liberties as they should be so getting back to Rittenhouse might be a pain. (I guess it's not far to the Girard el stop though.)
        Bars with good food and beer are what we do best here so there are plenty of options along the same lines that might be a little more convenient for you. Among many others you might try the Khyber Pass Pub (probably the best beer list in center city, good Louisiana-style food), South Philly Tap Room, Pub & Kitchen - everyone here has a favorite and they're all pretty good. There are plenty of gastropub posts on this forum and you probably don't want this to turn into a (pointless) "which is best" argument so I'll stop there.
        If you've got good Spanish in SF I'd skip Amada in favor of your other choices.

        1. We moved to Philly from SF... and the one thing I would add to your list is a good Italian restaurant. Hoagies & Italian are definitely the big things that Philly does better than SF (and most anywhere else). I usually recommend BYO's (also uniquely Philly... but might not work if you want to sit at the bar) - Melograno's and Modo Mio's are among my favorites in the city. I'm sure others will have thoughts on great italian with a single-diner-friendly bar. And definitely get yourself a great hoagie while you're here, too. You won't find those in SF... we tried!

          1. I would add Jamonera (as bluehensfan suggested) and Barbuzzo to your list (both on the 13th Street corridor, not a far walk from Rittenhouse) and in the Rittenhouse area.

            As caganer suggested, Standard Tap is a long way to go for good beer, but a lot of places in Center City have good beer.

            For cocktails, try Franklin Mortgage and Investments.