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Jan 26, 2012 01:50 PM

Barcelona, Placa Sant Jaume recommendations?

My husband and I have rented an apartment at Placa Sant Jaume for a week-long trip in the Spring. We would greatly appreciate recommendations for markets, cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood. We're also interested in your "not to be missed" recommendations in other neighborhoods. We will be travelling without our children and are willing to splurge!

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  1. near you
    tapas bars : Bilbao Berria, Euskal Etxea.
    Wine bar: La Vinya del Senyor
    Casual good eats: Senyor Parellada, (must reserve)
    Very good eats: Cal Pep (must reserve)
    Landmark resto, good rice dishes: Set Portes. (must reserve)
    Funky north African tea room: Clandestina.

    1. You are in the center of the Barri Gotic. There are tons of cafes nearby on c/Ferran and especially on c/Llibreteria, all convenient for mornings. Escriba on Las Ramblas has great pastries and Cafe Schilling on c/Ferran is great for people watching. Hot chocolates at the cafes on Petritxol. Tapas/pintxos places on Placa Sant Josep/Placa del Pi, around the Catedral, down on c/Avinya, the Galician tapas bars on c/de la Merce and the Asturian cider bars on c/Ample. For markets, the Boqueria is just across Las Ramblas and cross via Laietana to Mercat Santa Caterina in La Ribera, great cheese and diary product at Formatgeria La Seu on c/Dagueria, highend deli on the corner of Banys Nous and c/de la Palla. Carrer de la Princesa and the small streets off it has some atmospheric food shops.
      As for the earier mentioned Cal Pep, it does not take reservation for the counter seating. For other eating places, search the board for the many posts on eating in Barcelona, especially those in El Born and the Eixample. If you can be more specific on what you are looking for in restaurants (type of food, ambience, budget, etc), you'll get some good feedback. Terms such as 'splurge' and 'not to be missed' are difficult to pinpoint. 50euro per person might be a splurge to one person where it is nothing to another.

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        Of course PBSF is right. What was I thinking.
        Cal Pep only takes reservation for the one table in the backroom, and it is the worst table. Therefore it is best to arrive slightly before meal time and avoid excessive waiting, instead of taking that table with no view of the great fun action along the counter.

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          I am fairly certain that the majority of the Asturian bars are on C/Merce.

          1. re: caga tio

            The two Asturian places I know of in the area, including the very pleasant La Sucarrena, are on C/ de la Mercè.

        2. Hofmann bakery, Flassaders 44 (especially the raspberry croissant)

          Tapeo, Anem de tapes, Montcada 29

          Bar Zim, near Formatgeria La Seu and also operated by Katherine McLaughlin and her business partner Francesc.

          I can't think of any 'splurge' places in Barri Gotic. Imho, most splurges are up in L'Eixample, like Alkimia, Dos Cielos or Cinc Sentits.