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Jan 26, 2012 01:40 PM

Anything new in Hanoi

I am heading back to Hanoi in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good dinners. I usually eat at least one meal at Green Tangerine and one at Hanoi Hanoi (located neare Hao Kiem lake) because it is close to my hotel. I've had many meals at Brothers and I have also eaten at the street food restaurant (can't remember the name) and the green fish restaurant. 'd love to try some new places if anyone has any recs.



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  1. I'd also be keen to hear Hanoi recommendations as will be there in ~5wks. Anyone?

    Lloyd => appreciate if you keep a look out for Com Ruou being served in any restaurants (

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      I will keep my eye out for it and even try some if I find it.

    2. Hey Lloyd G - have you been yet? Anything to report? I'm off to Hanoi at the weekend, and will also be dropping in for lunch at Green Tangerine as usual. However, I want to go somewhere new/different for dinner and it has to be restaurant not food-stall based unfortunately as I have to be sensitive to to some newbies' fear of street food.

      Would be great to know if you've found any new gems.

      1. Not sure about anything new, but as there doesn't seem to be a great deal on Hanoi on the boards, here's a quick list of where we ate last weekend (13th April 2012)

        Spices Garden, Metropole - this was a last minute, fairly late, where do we eat that the in-laws will be impressed by the surroundings kind of a choice. Absolutely stinking meal. The worst food I've ever had in Vietnam. The beef was tough as boots, everything that was fried was oily, and it was generally very disappointing. The service was crap and the prices rapacious. Avoid at all costs.

        Ngon (Quan An Ngon) - fun. It's loud, it's packed, but at least it's packed with tourists and Hanoians alike. Service was very good and helpful - I don't think anyone has ever offered to peel my prawns at the table in Asia, and I've lived here over a decade! Food was good and I had no quibbles with the cost. A good safe bet.

        Green Tangerine - I'm a bit sentimental about the Green Tangerine. I've gone there every time I go to Hanoi for a number of years now. It's quirky french/vietnamese fusion works pretty well, the presentation is interesting and everyone really enjoyed their food. A great little oasis, especially at lunch time.

        Thanh Chuong palace - we had lunch in the restaurant after looking round the palace. It's a quirky, oddity of a place, but the restaurant serves good quality, if foreigner friendly food. We enjoyed our lunch out on the terrace overlooking one of the many ponds, framed by lovely trees and landscaping. Highly recommend it as a trip out of town, we teamed it with a visit to the Giong Temple which was also beautiful.

        I was only there for a couple of days and we were erring to the safe side of things as we were with guests who were not really ready to get down on the pavements and hit the street stalls.

        If anyone has other restaurants they love here in Hanoi, please share!
        Caustic Candy

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          Was just in Hanoi few weeks ago and your assessment of Quan An Ngon is spot on.

          Someone else organised but when we got there I ordered the food for everyone. Huge place (outdoors and indoors), comprehensive menu and the place was buzzing. Obviously on the tourist map but, as you say, good service, good food and a good safe bet.

          Friend took me to another place which has been around for a long time (Cha Ca Ca Cuong) which was pretty simple but had a tasty dish which was different to the usual Vietnamese food I've had. Was fish in deep dish fried at table in loads of tumeric, dill and spring onion. Served family style, on rice noodles with lots of condiments like onion, chilli, etc. Wasn't a particularly nice place and my friend wasn't happy the coal burners were replaced with cheap electric units but we all enjoyed the food nonetheless.