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Jan 26, 2012 01:27 PM

Restaurant changes on Queen Anne

Time to start a new tread on this. The older similar one is now located on the Pacific Northwest board.

It looks like Tenoch Mexican Grill has closed and a new place is moving in. Plastic signs advertise for Five Fins – a fish grill. Anyone know anything about this?

Ototto Sushi, Enza Cucina (which was in the process of becoming Polpetta) and The Tea Cup are now gone. Pasta Bella closed in November.

Lloyd Martin opened in October. I have really liked the food the couple times I ate there, much better then the Bricco it replaced. Have not yet been to Mezcaleria Oaxaca.

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  1. I haven't been to the new openings either (Lloyd Martin & Mez) but have heard good things about both although now Lloyd Martin isn't filling up their restaurant enough so their dining room is rez only. Bar area is drop in but with a kid it's impossible to drop in.

    It's crappy to see one landlord basically evict tenants (Ototto, Enza, Tea Cup) although besides Ototto the other two either will not be missed or were not doing well. Tenoch was horrid the one time that we went there.

    That location is hard with it not being on street level.

    1. It's not Five Fins but Five Hooks.

      1. Love Mazcaleria Oaxaca. Food is a bit more homestyle than the one in Ballard, and some larger plates. good bar, good salsa, good staff and service. Go now.

        I noticed the big eviction. anyone know what is going in where Ototo et al were?