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Jun 15, 2006 01:44 AM

Aussie Meat/Seafood Pies In Los Angeles?

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I lived in Sydney, Australia for a few months and one of the most amazing dishes I had was the assortment of their meat and seafood pies.

One of the best was a chain called Shakespeare's Pies. They serve a variety of small hand size pies with a myriad of fillings.

Indian tandoori spices, Thai, traditional English meat pies, seafood with creamy white sauce and scallops, shrimp and white fish, BBQ chicken, traditional mash & peas and on and on.

I'm well aware of Dupar's in Studio City and Farmer's Market - but as far as I know - they only serve a traditional beef pie. It's very good, but still not the same thing as I had in Australia.

I'm not talking about traditional chicken pot pie either.

I can't find anything in LA like what they have Down Under. I wish to crazy that someone would either create something similar here or if they have, could you let me know where they're located in the LA area?

It's a truly incredible high quality savory fast food experience and we're missing out here in the USA.

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  1. That same question was asked a short while ago, click the link below.

    There is "only" one Australian restaurant that's come to light in the L.A. Uberopolus, excluding Outback Steakhouses, and that is:

    Wallaby's Australian Pub & Grub
    (714) 558-9398

    The web site didn't come up this morning, maybe someone forgot to pay their web hosting fee or something? But, it looks more like an American adaptation with expansion ideas. Authentic?


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    1. re: JBC

      This place in Tustin is about Australian as Outback Steakhouse.

      Whole Foods used to carry these frozen meat pies called AussieRoos that were not bad but I believe the company is out of business now.

      This closest you can come to real aussie meat pies here in LA is going to british places like Tudor House in Santa Monica and having the brit version.

      Alas, I will think of you next week when I am in Sydney downing various meat pies and lamingtons. :-)

      1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

        Yes, that Tustin place sure looks like a Outhouse Steakhouse wannabe. But, if one is happy with a frozen pie, than one can get the real thing overnighted from Brooklyn at the Down Under Bakery (DUB). See link:


        1. re: JBC

          That link I posted almost 3 years ago to DUB isn't working.

          However, Bondi (Australian) BBQ in Venice has a daily meat pie included in their Aussie Lunch. An authentic rendition ?

    2. There is a new restaurant with savory personal pies made with puff pastry with all sorts of fillings. It's called The Cravery and the one by me is near the Wal Mart on 190th and Normandie which is near the intersection of the 110 and the 405.

      The pies are excellent, but rich. Salad, free WiFi, great coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The Village Idiot is a new gastro pub (on Melrose I think) that has 2 killer aussie pies on their menu (I'm Australian, so you can trust me - they're the real deal)

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          1. re: michelle99

            Good to know, Michelle - another Australian here!

            I got excited when I read that Portos had meat pies... they were good, but not like in Australia. I always preferred chicken pies (Harry's Cafe de Wheels chicken and mushroom - yum!!) and some good chicken pot pies are a worthy substitute.

            1. re: michelle99

              Hi Michelle. Would you know where (store, bar or restaurant) that has Australian beer like Victoria Bitter?

              1. re: CC318

                Bevmo carries Aussie beers like VB and Tooey's New.

                1. re: TailbackU

                  Bevmo carries VB? I thought there was no distribution of this beer in the States? That would be great news and just in time for summer...

            2. I still have not been able to find anything in Los Angeles that resembles this place in Sydney, Australia

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              1. re: dmax

                Jesters and Shakespears are the same - they changed names.

                1. re: dmax

                  I was involved with the launch of Jesters on the Agency side and love their pies. These are Jaffle pies and made in a Jaffle maker much the same as a toasted sandwich maker.
                  Not a true Aussie pie but very yummy all the same.

                  I'm missing Aussie sausage rolls here in L.A. and would even be happy with the frozen variety with plenty of sauce. We had sausage rolls at 'Cat & the Fiddle' and also 'Ye Olde Kings Head' served as appetisers...

                  I just want to pop into a bakery and get one in a paper bag charged full of tomato sauce.