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Jan 26, 2012 12:48 PM

Coming to Nashville/Smyrna For a Few Days For Work

Hi Fellow Chowhounders,

I will be traveling to Smryna/Nashville for work next week. Will be arriving on a Tuesday morning and leaving Thursday morning. I need some recommendations for dinners in Nashville on Tuesday night and Wednesday night and lunches in Smryna on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have a car and I am willing to drive anywhere.

After reading all of the posts here on Chowhound, my thoughts for dinner in Nashville are the Patterson House one night and City House the other night. Can Capitol Grille top either place?

I have no ideas for lunch in Smyrna except for Jim and Nick's BBQ. I am willing to try any cuisine and don't have a budget on price.

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  1. There's nothing of note in Smyrna. Jim & Nick's will be OK, it's a small chain out of Alabama, and it's pretty good, they do take the food seriously for a chain. The other option if you want something really retro and funky and a little camp would be Omni Hut.

    As for CH vs. CG vs PH ... a lot is going to depend on how much one menu appeals to you over the other. CG is modern southern food prepared by top chefs from produce and some meat from the farm the restaurant runs, in a white-tablecloth, fine-dining environment. CH is a southern twist on Italian (not spaghetti), finding the synergy between the two cuisines (pork, grits/polenta, etc.), with house-cured meats, in a modern casual environment. PH is a speakeasy known more for its drinks than food, although there's nothing wrong with the food.

    For other ideas, check out the other recent thread: Good eats and drinks needed for Music City

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    1. re: TLF

      Thanks TLF. I figure there is nothing to eat in Smyrna besides Jim & Nick's. I will give Omni Hut a try.

      Regarding CH vs. CG vs PH. I made a mistake in my post above. I was curious to know if CG is better than CH. I've been to CH and I love the food (the best restaurant in Nashville in my opinion). Maybe I'll do dinner at CG and CH and have some drinks at PH afterwards.

      1. re: manhong

        Yo, I'm pretty sure Omni Hut is not open for lunch. Love it for dinner, though - total kitschy Polynesian.

        Doesn't Smyrna have a hot chicken place?

        Also, if you want to drive over to Murfreesboro, there will be many more options.

        1. re: jamiecarroll

          Thanks jamiecarroll. Any recommendations for lunch in Murfreesboro?

          1. re: manhong

            Just thinking about the "Smyrna side" of Murfreesboro...I think Buster's Place is one of the best burgers in the midstate - it's a dive bar but the burger is really good. Toot's is a lot of fun - great chicken wings and fried pickles. Five Senses is good - I think they do kind of a meat-and-three thing for lunch. I'm sure I'm forgetting some others, too - there's a lot of stuff over that way.

      2. re: TLF

        TLF, do you have any other recommendations for dinner?

      3. Patterson House focuses more on cocktails with a small plates menu. I wouldn’t recommend dinner there. Start out with dinner at City House and make your way over to PH for cocktails. I much prefer the relaxed and casual atmosphere of City House over CG. The price point for CG is much higher than CH or PH. It really depends on what type of experience you’re after. CG is more fine dining with white table clothes, whereas CH is rustic and laid back. Seating is limited at Patterson House just an fyi. You’ll have no problem grabbing a seat at the chef’s bar @ CH without reservations.

        You can do much worse than Jim & Nick’s, even though it’s a regional chain, their food is fantastic. The 2 meat combo with their onion rings are a must. If there’s any chance you make it to Nashville for lunch, I highly recommend Arnold’s or Monell’s.

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        1. re: pete k

          Thanks pete k. I made a mistake in my post above. I was curious if Capitol Grille is better than City House. I may do Capitol Grille and City House for dinner and have some drinks at Patterson House afterwards. Do you recommend any other place for dinner?

          I want to try Arnold's or Monell's....I'm going to see if I can swing that during this trip.

          1. re: manhong

            Holland House in East Nashville has a unique cocktail menu, and the food is fairly decent. You can also try their sister burger spot, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor right next door.

          2. re: pete k

            Thanks Petek. I made a mistake in my post above. I was curious to know if CG is better than CH. I've been to CH and I love the food (the best restaurant in Nashville in my opinion). Maybe I'll do dinner at CG and CH and have some drinks at PH afterwards. Do you have any other recommendations for dinner?

            I really want to go to Arnold's, but I may not be able to swing it this trip. I'm going to try, but it may have to wait until the next trip.

            1. re: manhong

              Is CG better than CH? It totally depends on your preferences, appeal of the menu choices to you, and the type of experience you want. It's really that subjective, both are that good.

              As for my other recommendations, check out the other thread I mentioned above.

          3. Kleer-Vu in Murfreesboro is fantastic. A local legend.

            Martin's BBQ in Nolensville is also great and has been featured on DD&D

            Our favourite place we've been to in the area is Bell Buckle Cafe in Bell Buckle. Well worth the trip for some Meat n 3 action. Be sure to save room for the oatmeal cake for desert.


            1. There is a little shack on Murfreesboro Road in LaVergne called The Lazy Pig. It's easy to pass without seeing it. La Vergne is one town north of Smyrna. They have the most wonderful ribs I have ever tasted, bar none. Their smoked chicken wings are also delicious.