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Jan 26, 2012 12:47 PM

Restaraunts near Lucca, Viareggio and forte dei marmi

My Wife and I will be vacationing in this area(Camaiore) this may. Just wanted to see if anyone has some recommendations for great lunch and dinner spots. Any good suggestions for markets or shops to find an assortment of cheese? Thanks!

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  1. I love La Martinatica, Pietrasanta. Pietrasanta is a lovely village too.

    1. In Lucca you MUST visit Bucca De San Antonio. The best meal we had in Italy and one of the best I've ever had in my life.

      1. Be sure to go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do a search for Lucca. There have not been any threads on Lucca recently, but it has been discussed several times over the past couple of years.

        This thread from 6 months ago should be helpful:

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            With all due respect to mgmitaly and Leper, I would disagree with both their choices. La Martinatica has a limited menu and is mediocre cooking at best. Far better as a Tuscan trattoria just outside Pietrasanta is Da Beppino. Even Gatto Nero would be better, but definitely skip Enotecca Marcucci unless you just want to drink wine (great list) and skip the food.

            For a restaurant near Camaiore go to La Dogana. Actually I think the address is Camaiore, but it's between Camaiore and Pietrasanta (make sure you go to the new location; they moved but the guide books might still give the old address). We've been going for a long time. Very good restaurant with both meat and fish on a medium size menu. Cordial, friendly but professional service. Very good wine list. You come out of there smiling.

            As far as La Buca di Sant'Antonio... it is quasi tourist because the fabulous city of Lucca has a lot of tourists, all the time. The menu is good classic Luchese. The setting is very comfortable. The food preparation, from a medium sized menu selection, is average to a bit below. The ingredients are fine, nothing more. The service has always come with an attitude, and is sloppy as well. The wine list is mediocre and very overpriced. When we've gone, because we've taken guests to Lucca (did I mention that it's a fabulous city), we've always had decent service... those who don't speak Italian are treated very differently.

            About 20 minutes from Lucca is Le Vedute near the town of Fucchecio. An excellent country trattoria/ristorante, serving both fish and meat. Classic Tuscan menu that (really) changes daily. Fantastic owners who treat everyone very well. No attitude here. Well prepared dishes with top notch ingredients. Le Vedute is in the countryside, but near a lot of soft goods manufacturing factories. The owners of these places go out with their foreign clients several times a week and if Ivo (the owner) wants them to come back, he has to serve very good food at reasonable prices and offer excellent service. For the thirty plus years that we've been going, it has been nothing less and now the next generation (the son, Danielle) has taken over.

            Hope this helps.

            1. re: allende

              adding links

              Buca di Sant' Antonio
              Via della Cervia, 1/5, Lucca, Tuscany , IT

              Da Beppino
              loc Pieve di San Giovanni,Via Valdicastro Carducci,34, Pietrasanta, Tuscany 55045, IT

              Enoteca Marcucci
              via Garibaldi,40, Pietrasanta, Tuscany 55045, IT

              La Dogana
              Via delle pianore, 20, Camaiore, localita Capezzano Pianore, Toscana 55054, IT

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                  Above Camaiore in the hills is Sant'Anna. A small village where a slaughter of innocent women and children took place near the end of WW11. The drive up is spectacular, there is a chapel and museum that are well worth visit and a movie in the museum that describes what happened. Make sure you see the film in Italian. There is a small store that makes panini with the local potato bread that is excellent and a delightful patio for eating. Across from Camaiore at the top of the climb in Pedona is Il Soggiorno which has a spectacular view from the dining room to the hills to the north. Solid menu with fair prices-0584989218
                  On the road to Montemagno just after leaving Camaiore is pizzaria-ristorante Spietato 0584989218. Our favorite for zuppe di faro. Very popular with locals so reservations would be in order. In Montemagno there are two restaurants. Choose Meraviglie. Usually don't need reservation unless on a Sunday night in August when the crowds are returning from the beach. Solid Lucchese menu, looks expensive but is actually one of the least expensive around. Avoid the pizza
                  Continuing towards Lucca, about a mile on your left is the road to Gombitelli where you will find Ceru, a hotel/restaurant. This is a place for lunch, esp Sunday.Request a reservation for out door seating and from your table on a clear day you can see from Viareggio to La Spezia. Their specialty is pork products since they raise, butcher and sell them. 0584971901
                  A mile o so after the turn of to Gombitelli, there is a self-service gas station on the right. On the left is a road that leads up the mountain that would eventually also take you to Gombitelli, but before you reach Fibbiano there is a group of houses which are Costello. Ristorante Costello 0584956206. Tagliata and ravioli in noci sauce is our suggestion.
                  A few miles further in Monsagrati is the Ristorante Gina. while I would have no qualms about suggesting the Gina for any meal, the real deal here is the Friday noon "workman's" lunch that specialize in fish. 12 Euros if you don't order dessert A primi,secondi, wine, water, coffee.
                  If you have a yearning for tordelli, then Mangiafoco on the road to Chiatri Puccini in Farneta

                  . 0583327288 but reservations usually aren't necessary.
                  If you have a GPS and a special night, then R.Lombardo should be considered. Go for dinner and ask for the terrace and the spectacular view back towards Lucca.It is located between S. Sterfano and the Tenuta di Forci-a GPS would be helpful. It is more expensive than the others mentioned with the bill being between 70-100Euros depending on your wine choice..0583394268
                  R.Cecca is a solid Lucchese restaurant but is located south of Lucca on the way to Pisa and may be a little far for you Never had a bad meal there.058394284. Reservations a very good idea.

                2. re: allende

                  With all due respect to Allende, I ate lunch at La Buca di Sant'Antonio as an obvious foreigner and the service I received was courteous and polished. Overall, the experience was warm (the space itself is very warm). I may have benefited from being seated near a 7-year-old Italian girl celebrating her first communion, but my lunch of Lucchese classics there was one of the noticeably better meals I had in Lucca (I spent a week there), a town I found to be gastronomically a disappointment. I got downright bad service a few times elsewhere in the city, and truly mediocre food.

                  1. re: barberinibee

                    Ah, but even though you were an "obvious foreigner" you speak Italian very well (fluently?) and that is the difference.

                    As you said, Lucca is very disappointing with truly mediocre food, but don't tell that to many who think it i" I had the best... fill in whatever food you like." Glad you enjoyed Sant 'Antonio. We've always thought it is just okay.

                    1. re: allende

                      Thanks for all the advice guys!! How about restaurants on the coast.

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                        I don't think I speak Italian very well, and I don't mean to soften your warning. You have more experience of La Buca di Sant'Antonio, Lucca and Tuscany overall than I do. But were I in Lucca again and in need of a restaurant meal, I would probably go back to La Buca di Sant'Antonio, and I remain stumped as to what else I could recommend to somebody else determined to be in Lucca at meal time. Every other restaurant I ate was a lesser experience, and most really not good at all, even though ever single one had been recommended by some professional food writer. Since I greatly prefer fish and vegetables, I'm sort of a lost soul in Lucca anyway.

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                          So from what I gather, grab some lunch while exploring in Lucca but venture elsewhere for dinner.

                          1. re: gvilleg8or

                            Most definitely, if you want to have more than an ordinary meal.