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Jan 26, 2012 12:18 PM

Looking for independent coffee shops/cafes in mid-Connecticut area?

Looking for a good independent coffee shop or cafe, preferably with Wifi, around Hartford or Middletown area? Any suggestions?

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  1. In Middletown:

    Klekolo (Court Street):

    Javapalooza (Main Street) - they have wifi for sure

    In Glastonbury:

    SoG--not sure about the wifi.

    1. Hartford Baking Company on New park Ave in West Hartford--easy to miss, in little strip of stores (next to nail salon) but fabulous coffee, bread, baked goods, sandwiches and free wi-fi--A real (new) gem for the Hartford area. Not tons of seating, but have never not been able to get a table. Great atmosphere--very clean, bright, music not too loud (one of my pet peeves in coffee shops--restaurants in general--blaring music)

      1. Want to mention Daybreak Roasters in the center of Glastonbury on Main Street. Outdoor tables in good weather - nice people who run the place - don't know about wi-fi. Two or three of their own coffees always offered, bakery items, etc. I believe they may be connected with SoG, already mentioned.

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          Yes, +1 on Daybreak and I'm almost positive they have wifi. I *think* the connection with SoG is Karen (who runs/owns SoG) came from Daybreak.

          Agree, great bakery items at Daybreak AND SoG. I have had some excellent scones and muffins recently at SoG. And Klekolo gets croissants from Fusion in M'town, NOM NOM NOM! Try the almond!

        2. JoJo's on Pratt St. in Hartford makes quality espresso drinks. Not sure about wifi.