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Jan 26, 2012 12:14 PM

The Pork Store, Willett Ave in Pt. Chester

Anyone frequent this place? Looked awesome but had no time to stop...also Frankie & Louies?? worth a bite?

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  1. What do you mean exactly? What is a bight?

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    1. re: roxlet

      A bite!! I told you I was being rushed!! :) Fresh & tasty is what I'm aiming at...

      1. re: roxlet

        A small body of water, like a bay, only smaller. New York harbor is part of the New York bight, which runs from southern NJ to Montauk

        1. re: rjbh20

          Hahaha! OK! That's as good a definition as any!

          1. re: roxlet

            now that we are better at scrabble what about the food?

            1. re: cubanat

              I was also hoping that someone would weigh in!

              1. re: roxlet

                I've been to the pork store a couple of times. I think it's Polish stuff, but I'm not sure. As for Frankie & Louies, it's a good neighborhood pizza place with a full menu. I like the chef salad and the pastas. The best part is the warmed bread they bring to the table.

                1. re: debmom

                  Thanks debmom. What made you think it might be Polish? And was it an actual pork store with sausages and such, or more of a butcher?

                  1. re: roxlet

                    Loads of sausages. I haven't been in a while but I think my neighbor's nanny, who was from Poland, said they had all the stuff from "home".


                    1. re: roxlet

                      It does specialize in Polish food, especially Kielbasa, and has been in that location for decades. And yes, it's worth a try, while I don't feel the same is true for Frankie & Louie's. T&J's is much better.

                      1. re: byramgirl

                        thanks! how about that deli on the corner? Mariani's I think?

        2. used to stop in occasionally, polish meats and sausages-kielbasa, hams including karl ehmer(now hard to find), sometimes baked goods and a selection of jarred foods, definitely worth stopping, but not a destination, also used to have good pickles in a barrel, i was unsure of what some of the meats were but a fairly large variety, at that time

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          1. re: rich51

            Thanks all. Will stop in for sure and pick up some wurst. The sign on the front does say Polish & German I believe...