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Jan 26, 2012 12:00 PM

Best Mexican Food in Westchester?

I know port chester has some good mexican food, what do you think?

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  1. I personally love Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe. Probably been there or taken out 100 times. In that time, I'd say my food was great 85 times, very good 14 and one time was it average. The place ia a whole in the wall, but don't judge a book its cover. The service is beyond great, especially with takeout. I've walked in and ordered and walked out within five minutes.

    I haven't had great experiences at other places. Dishes are hit and miss...even in some of the better PC places. I have heard Tomatilla in Dobbs is great.

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    1. re: jhopp217

      I don't really agree with you on Burrito Poblano. I don't find it too authentic. Sort of gringoed down. What have you had there that was really authentic Mexican and tasty? I had a burrito once, tasted like nothing much. I've had enchiladas, tacos, all both boring and not properly spiced. Their mole sauce is a travesty. I think it's a commercial paste. even then I have had commercial pastes that were better. I'm not saying the place is bad, but they don't have the flavors I expect when I go to a Mexican place in Queens.

      yosky-There are some really authentic places in New Rochelle with several good threads covering them. Also several threads on Portchester.

      1. re: JMF

        I always have issues with the phrase "authentic Mexican." It seems to be a very common complaint about many places reviewed on chowhound. I've found everything there to be similar to pretty much every Mexican place I've been to. I actually like their Mole sauce and have had much worse.

        The only thing I will say that people could complain about is some of the stuff being pre-made. From speaking to the people there, they make everything fresh every day. but they do pre-make some of the items used for stuffed items (Burritos, Tacos, etc.). Personally, I love their burritos, tortas and when I actually go there, I almost always get the chile rellenos which is much better there than I've had at other places.

        1. re: jhopp217

          Burritos as we see in the US are not authentic. The northern Mexican burrito has only 1-2 fillings and is a thin snack. It's only seen in a few places in Mexico, and is very regional.

          What other places do you go that you are comparing it too? Have you been to any of the outstanding places on Roosevelt Ave in Queens?

          Just curious, but have you had a mole that was house made and not a commercial paste? Lots of fresh spice flavors like cumin, clove, anise, and not a bitter dried out sauce. There are quite a few versions of mole, and even the same version will taste different every time because like real curries, the spices are not measured, but to eye and taste.

        2. re: JMF

          Burrito Poblano didn't blow me away, but considering there is nothing else like that within 2 miles of where I live, I give it thumbs up. I really don't bother with burritos there as they are filled with rice. (I much prefer beans or meat filling). However, at least with the tacos you get a choice of the gringo-ized ice berg lettuce type or the cilantro, onions and lime. For Westchester it doesn't suck although I am sure there are probably better places in Port Chester.

          1. re: jcmods

            Better in Port Chester, New Rochelle, Yonkers, and White Plains. But Burrito poblano is way better than that horrible place in Bronxville.

            1. re: jcmods

              A little confused by your one statement "I much prefer beans or meat filling" in regards to the burritos. I've been eating there for years and the tacos are filled with tons of meat, some rice, very little lettuce and cheese. Did you order a burrito I don't know about? I get the chorizo burrito and it's filled with more meat than anything else, by a lot

              1. re: jhopp217

                Hmmm. I did not order it, but my dining partner did. It was giant and filled with rice. I cannot remember what it was though.

                1. re: jcmods

                  It was a chicken burrito and it was about 1/2 rice. Been ordering the tacos ever since and not been disappointed.

                2. re: jhopp217

                  The one time I ordered a burrito from there it was filled with mostly rice. So I never ordered one again.

                  1. re: JMF

                    Got this the other night. Please note, it's on a plate with the closed end hanging off the side, so it's angled down and I pressed down to cut it. Half rice? Maybe 1/3, but filled with chorizo, beans, cheese....not half rice and this is how it is all the time. If you want small burritos with no rice (which could be considered more authentic, that is one thing, but I'll take this one every time

          2. Vega in Hartsdale. Authentic? Dunno. Mexico has many different regions, each with its specialties and recipes.
            Since I don't live in Mexico, I am limited to the local places.
            I go by taste and veg options. (And no Mariachi is a def plus for me.)
            Vega is not a hole in the wall, it's not cheap and it's not regionally specific.
            That said, I like it.

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            1. re: mrsdebdav

              I like it too. The food is fresh and tasty, the atmosphere is attractive, and the service is friendly.

              1. re: mrsdebdav

                My husband and I have eaten at Vega many times. Some of the dishes are good, like the chicken mole and the nachos. Many are just ok. The service was never good, and is getting worse. We are looking for other places to go and my drive over to Tomatillo in Dobbs Ferry. We tried a Sagat rated place in Port Chester that was disappointing.

              2. Talk about a loaded question! Best taquería? Best paleteria? Best pescado a la veracruzana?

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                1. re: pabboy

                  tried poblano burrito yesterday. i'm no expert when it come to "authenticity", whatever that means, but i will say that the food was quite good and i will go back. had a burrito, tacos, and chimichanga.

                  1. re: raider

                    so they are serving more tex-mex gringo fare?

                  2. re: pabboy

                    That's what I mean about authentic. I had a red snapper veracruzana at a place I'd hardly call a good Mexican restaurant, but it was amazing. The food was fresh. Everything else at the place was awful (can't remember the name), but this dish was amazing. Judging by cooking shows and recipes I've read, it was 100% "authentic" and was served at a place that was very cookie cutter-ish. I have also been to non-Mexican restaurants and had what the kitchen cooked up (all Mexicans from Mexico) and it was very similar to what I've had at places that aren't considered authentic. That being said, the best tacquitos I've ever had, were at a Italian restaurant.

                  3. Los Abuelos in Ossining - while I haven't been to all Mexican restaurants in Westchetser (and I know there are some good ones in Port Chester) it is probably the best I've been to. Sunshine Deli in White Plains too - although from what I understand they are closing.

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                    1. re: wpfoodie

                      As of this past Saturday, Sunshine Deli was still open.

                      1. re: foodiemom10583

                        I went middle of last week. I found the food to be subpar. The workers seem pretty dejected knowing they will be unemployed soon. They kinda shrugged their shoulders when I asked what the last day is.

                      2. re: wpfoodie

                        I like Los Abuelos a lot, nothing fancy but great food. There is also a place in Sleepy Hollow that is very good, cannot remember the name though!

                        1. re: mfenimore

                          Que Chula es Pueblo?? It's our go-to place.

                          1. re: mfenimore

                            It might be Que Chula es Puebla. It's good.

                        2. I kind of like Mr. Taco in New Rochelle. It is right off North Ave, near Iona across from CVS. The carnitas tacos very good and very inexpensive. the pork was delicious and not that fatty. My ds liked the enchiladas. We did not try anything else,. It is pretty much a dive. My ds former babysitter's mom owns it but I would not recommend if we had not liked the food. They had some fairly adventurous stuff (tripe or maybe it was tongue?) on the menu but I am not that foody. Also they sell beer and mexican coke.

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                          1. re: rolise

                            I heard they have some interesting and tasty things there. Have been meaning to check it out. I've always wanted to try menudo.