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Jan 26, 2012 11:52 AM

1970-80's Queen Pizza - Brooklyn

Anyone remember Queen Pizza? On Court Street right next to the XXX movie theater? To this day, still the best pizza I remember having. To give you an idea of when I'm going back, a slice and cup of soda was a $1.

I was recently in Brooklyn and asked a woman I met who lived in Brooklyn if she remembered the place. She said unequivocally "The Best ever!" I asked her how it compared to Grimaldi's and DiFara's and she said "who?" She laughed and said "those are tourist places." No self respecting Brooklynite would actually make that their place. She said they were both decent but nowhere near Queen!

Any thoughts? Memories?

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  1. I am so old I remember Queen Pizza when the Court St movie theater showed Disney films.
    It was fabulous pizza!! The restaurant is still there but I don't think they do pizza.
    We also went to Sam's down Court St a bit when we wanted a more "sophisticated" atmosphere. Sam's is still there.
    Grimaldi? Who?

    84 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    238 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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      I heard that the Queen rest. is very good. Since you are an "old-timer" do you happen to remember the little luncheonette that was about a block or two up from it that had the counter and when you first walked in had racks of donuts....some of the best donuts and cheap when I was a kid

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        I am guessing you meant "up" toward Boro Hall? I don't remember it. I do remember a great Ice Cream Parlor down Court near Sam's but I can't remember the name. We are talking late 50's early 60's here.
        I grew up living on Clinton St near Warren St. I fondly remember the Near East Bakery which was below the street just to the left of Sahadi. They had brick ovens that were under the sidewalk. Best Syrian bread I ever had.

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          They're reopening! Not much progress since last year, but the door was open today and it looked like things were going on.

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            Got in the "wayback" machine with my cousin and figured out the name of that Fabulous Ice Cream Parlor on Court St near Warren St.
            Ebel's!!! Long gone.

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              I lived in Brooklyn from birth (Warren St. for a year) and then Bergen between Bond & Nevins til I was 15 (1985). Don't remember Ebel's.

              Do you remember Regal's Roost? Best friend chicken I've ever had in my life. And sorry Zagat, even better than KFC! (which I do love).

              Do you happen to remember the Vietnamese/French place on Atlantic Ave? Can't for the life of me remember the name of it. One night it was French, the next night it was Vietnamese. Had a set menu. The owner was my next door neighbor and the chef, a woman named Tram was amazing...especially with pastries. Her daughter used to walk me home from school and we'd always stop there and she'd give me the best food.

              Man do I miss Brooklyn from the 70's/early 80s

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                My memory of Ebel's was from the mid to late 50's. It was near the funeral parlor that is on a corner. I lived on Clinton bet Baltic and Warren. Our whole family lived in the neighborhood and at that time they couold not wait to "escape" to Bay Ridge, Bergen Beach and Staten Island. Go figure?

        2. granted i am from out of town but my favorite pizza in NYC is Luigi's, 686 5th ave. (park slope)

          old school. epic pizzaiolo. pizza doesnt cost you 50USD. nobody from cleveland talking on their cell phone behind you.

          1. Okay, this is simple. Queen moved the restaurant one block when the original block got demolished for what's now the new multiplex and Barnes and Noble. They did not move the pizza place but continued to make pizzas at the restaurant upon request (not for takeout). Yes, their pizzas were always the best in the city.

            Now for the trivia -- anyone who goes back to the '60s want to tell me who learned how to make NY pizzas at Queen before opening his own place (well, with his brother and a partner) on Ave J? Yep, he's an alumnus of Queen and is not only for tourists. I grew up 2 blocks from DiFara and he was my local place in the late '60s. So was Queen, as one of my friends lived off Court St a couple of blocks away. A great early education on eating pizza.

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            1. re: Steve R

              "Yes, their pizzas were always the best in the city."

              They were very good but I disagree about the best. In the 1970s and 80s Volare pizzeria in the Bronx on Westchester Ave. served terrific pies and slices. Vesuvio on Allerton Ave., also in the Bronx, was even better. I'd rate both of them over Queen.

            2. When I started going to Di Fara's 13 years ago...there were no tourists...just Dom, making the best pies 1/4 the wait...but growing up, you never left your hood..just ate pizza wherever you were in Bklyn or Queens and all of it was really good. It was before they started using cheaper ingredients to cut costs.
              Neighborhood slice joints.....always great!

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       mentioned Queens....ever go to Rose & Joe's Bakery and have their sicilian? Only sicilian I eat

                Rose & Joe's
                22-40 31st St, Queens, NY 11105

              2. Absolutely remember it! We took the train from Union & 4th to go to Queen. One night we were walking with our pizza down State Street where we happened upon a dance at the Greek school with a live band. Ate our pizza and then went to the dance!

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                  Since you all seem to remember it vividly, let me throw out another one. You remember the ice cream shop Le Coup de Glace? I am not an ice cream lover as an adult, but that place had the best. I think it was cold stone 30 years before Coldstone. And of course, Sahadi's for everything and the Tripoli restaurant

                  187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                  156 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201