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Jan 26, 2012 11:28 AM

Diet Websites - Counters

Anyone know of any good websites that I can punch in numbers and they will keep track of my calories, carbs, fat, protein, etc....that are free?

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    1. I use Easy, free and has a huge food database.

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        They also have an iPhone app - no excuses!

        1. Lose It! ( It's free. I've used it for a year and lost twenty pounds.

          However, I don't like the weight-tracking feature. Weight can fluctuate by several pounds a day, depending on how much you've eaten, eliminated, or retained. That's not REALLY weight lost or gained. I use the free weight-tracking program at The Hacker's Diet Online (, which calculates and tracks your AVERAGE weight (weighted average, like programs used to derive stock trends). That helps me tolerate the occasional jump in weight without falling into the "I've gained weight so it's pointless to diet so I'll eat a pint of ice cream" trap.

          1. is amazing. I've tracked every bite I've eaten for more than a year and learned a lot about my eating habits. I cook very complicated meals and use the sister site to calculate the nutritional information for my meals (for example, I made Ottolenghi's saffron roasted cauliflower this week, and served it with homemade roasted red pepper hummus and pita bread- and I was able to get the nutritional information for the whole thing in less than three minutes). Before SparkPeople I was eating a vegetarian diet with only about thirty grams of protein each day; now that I'm aware of my consumption I consistently eat 60-90 grams every day, and I get them from natural, meat-free sources. Actually seeing my daily calorie differential also took me from the low end of the "overweight" BMI range to the low end of the "healthy" range- and down to a size zero pants. Plus, the fitness tracker is majorly motivating (to me)... when I was overweight I could do eight girly knee push-ups, today I'm tiny but I can easily do twenty full-body push-ups (I might be able to do more, I haven't actually tried!).