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Need good variety of soup options in SF Valley

Need help finding a restaurant with good soup options in SF Valley...Brent's is solid but sometimes too far. Prefer Encino/Sherman Oaks/Studio City...

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  1. Urban Salad Bar on Ventura in Encinco, fresh local and many organic ingredients

    1. Is Woodland Hills too far?? There's a place on Ventura just west of Desoto. I don't recall the exact name. It is not a SouPlantation chain but 'Soup' is part of the name; Soup 'n' Sandwich???
      I believe Salads Galore on Ventura and Balboa in Encino offers a large selection of soups.

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        Hey mucho gordo! Muchas gracias ...Salads Galore worked out well...good choice of soups for Mom who needs something ez to swallow. I shoulda mentioned looking for non pho or Chinese soups...I'll go for those myself.

      2. The various pho permutations at Pho So 1 in Van Nuys at Sepulveda & Victory; generous with the fresh herb condiments They also have comforting rice porridge...

        1. Check out Gio Cucina Napolitano in Encino. They always have 4 or 5 fresh soups on their menu.

          1. thanks y'all...will report back.

            1. There's also Jinya Ramen in Studio City.

              1. For ramen, there's Ramen Nippon on Reseda south of Saticoy.

                1. For Chinese hot and sour soup, my personal favorite are from Bamboo Forest in Sherman Oaks (a dive on Burbank at Kester) and A&W Seafood in Northridge.(at Reseda and Prarie).

                  Krua Thai has a lot of great Thai soups. I love their Tom Yum, Tom Kha Gai, and Seafood soups. They also have a variety of soup noodles.

                  For pho, Pho So 1 and Pho 999 are across the street from one another on Sepulveda, just north of Victory. They are both good, though I tend to find myself at Pho 999 more than Pho So 1.

                  Bamboo Forest Chinese Restaurant
                  14834 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91411