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Jan 26, 2012 09:56 AM

Victoria - Lunch Spot on Sunday?

The wife and I will be in Victoria this weekend, and have dinner reservations for both nights (Ulla, Matisse) and a couple of good ideas for lunch on Saturday (Zambri's or Pizzeria Prima Strada).

So now we are looking for a spot to have a good late-ish lunch on Sunday before we hop back on the ferry. Most of the places mentioned on this board seem to be either closed on Sundays or only open for brunch (since we get a free and apparently good quality brunch at our hotel we're looking for a proper lunch).

The two spots I've found so far fitting these criteria (Ferris' Oyster Bar and Mo:Le) seem to have been mentioned somewhat positively on here but there's not a huge amount of feedback. Any strong opinions either way on either of these two, or other places I'm missing worth checking out?


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  1. Both Ferris' and Mo:Le are great. Ferris' may have a brunch menu that day tho - check their website, whereas Mo:Le will have more lunch items (and less of a line-up after noon). Downtown is also Lady Marmalade. A hole in the wall place I like for breakfast/lunch is Dish Cookhouse in Sidney (not in the town, near the airport). House smoked meats, pulled pork, burgers (and it's on the way to the ferry). Are you hoping for something in particular (seafood, burger, ethnic?)

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      We would like to have a few options so we can decide what we want to eat on the day of - we are not at all picky so are open to anything tasty. Dish Cookhouse looks promising, will add to the list!

      Anyone have opinions about the food at either Canoe or Swans brewpub? A good pint would be a nice bonus.

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        My "knee jerk" reaction to those two suggestions is "decent beer but mediocre food".

        Canoe is a place I have wanted to like. Good clean decor, wood, brick, etc. Menu usually reads very well and seems interesting but the food has always disappointed.even though we are tempted, particularly for lunch. On our more recent visits to Victoria I have given it a miss.

        Swans. Did not inspire food-wise but enjoyed some of the beers. Friendly bar staff, interesting First Nations Art throughout.

        Please post after your visit because our dinner card is always full to overflowing but lunch has been more problematic....although we at ate Zambri's [finally a restaurant had Falanghina by the glass with Fiano di Avelino as a back up]on a couple of occasions and then one at Primastrada as well.

    2. Hi,
      I spotted this French brasserie on Yelp and it gets fantastic reviews. I can't wait to try it myself.

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        Re: French Girl's comment, Brasserie is not open for lunch, nor is it open on Sunday.

        Zambri's is a decent choice on a Sunday. Also, many of the Vietnamese places downtown are open and are pretty decent, i.e. Green Leaf on Douglas.

        My first choice though would be Primastrada in the Cook Street Village. Good pizza, good salads, good appies. Pretty consistent, too.

        In the "lacking in ambience but tasty" category I would add Hernandez and Foo.

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          Not open for lunch, and they call themselves a French restaurant!

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            Ah, I thought Primastrada was not open on Sundays...turns out it's just the Bridge street location. Noted!

        2. Quick report back. Unfortunately we slept in on Sunday and had to rush to catch our ferry so we didn't end up having lunch before leaving...however we did make it to Zambri's the previous day, which was quite nice and reasonably priced considering both quality and quantity. The highlight was the garganelle with squash and sage brown butter...just delicious.

          Our meals at Ulla and Matisse were also both top-notch. The 63 degree egg appetizer at Ulla was one of the best things I've eaten in recent memory, highly recommended.

          Thanks for the advice, regardless...hopefully we will get a chance to visit a few more of these recommendations next time we're in town.

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            Thanks for reporting back, I'm intrigued by Ulla now, will definitely check it out.