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Jan 26, 2012 09:44 AM

Charlie Brown's - Reopening?!

The Charlie Brown's in East Windsor, NJ has a "Now Hiring" sign posted out front. I thought this chain filed Chapter 11...did someone buy them out? And, if so, was the brand really worth so much that they are reopening under the same name?

The last time I ate at this location, my mother found a large staple in her beef tips. It looked like one of those industrial-sized staples from a big wooden crate. Since then, my husband and I refer to them as "Staple Brown's". Needless to say, I think I'll pass on the reopening.

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  1. The Charlie Brown's in Scotch Plains never closed though I think it probably should have. Nothing is quite as good as it used t be (except the beer and you can't mess that up). Their steaks have more fat and gristle on them, the crab cakes have way more filler than crab, the salad bar ingredients have suffered terribly....all in all, no reason to go there.

    1. Yup - their website says "coming soon." Weird.

      I liked the one in Matawan, but that closed, too. Decent but weird salad bar. Unfortunately, I ate there when I was a vegetarian.. I'd probably enjoy it more now that I'm Paleo. :)