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Jan 26, 2012 09:29 AM

Where can I find rolled kamut flakes in DC or area?

They are nowhere to be found -- so far.....

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  1. try Glut co-op, very near DC in Mt. Ranier (301) 779-1978. Or whichever Yes market is nearest you, some of the Yes have better bulk items than others (I like the one on 12th NE).

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    1. re: sarichardson

      Thanks. I did try Yes, in Cleveland Park, but they didn't have it. This is the result of an onlin recipe from!

    2. Try Whole Foods - Shiloh Farms packages them - too.

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      1. re: Jamie5K

        Nope, Whole Foods doesn't have them either.

      2. Have you checked Mom's Organic Market? I've seen it there, but not in the bulk department.