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Jan 26, 2012 09:21 AM

anyone try Taste of Hartford yet?

Just wondering what restaurants are good bets this year. We're going to Carbone's tonight. will report back!

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  1. We are going to Vitos on Saturday with friends. I will report back also.

    1. we had a really nice meal at Carbone's from the Taste of Hartford menu--started with barley salad app, husband had eggplant parm (although he was disappointed with small serving--but said very good) and I had salmon--wonderful. we each had the chocolate dessert. As part of the "Taste" they were offering a bottle of red or white wine for 20.00--We ordered the red. We had very early reservations (5:45)--by the time we left the bar and lobby were packed with people waiting for tables.
      Parking can be a little dicey, but as we were so early we were able to park in the small rest. lot.
      Overall a lovely evening--service was friendly (but not intrusive), not snooty at all. Given that our finances are generally a tad too tight for dinners at Carbone's, the Taste menu allowed us to enjoy a rare romantic meal out.

      1. We hit Barca on Friday. The cod cake and stuffed pepper apps were very tasty. We also got the Chorico tapa that was quite a good deal @ $5.00. The entrees were 50/50. The shrimp and scallop was delicious. The pork and clam entree was uninspired. Dry pork served lukewarm with no evidence of any "spicy wine sauce".

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          Went to Vitos on the Park last night but we decided against the Taste menu, which turned out to be a mistake.
          Antipasti and oysters were a hit but the entrees fell short of being worth the price. Shrimp and Scallop Risotto was a disappointment with undercooked rice mixed with a bl;and saffron butter sauce. This was not risotto by any definition,
          The place was packed but service was good, just wish we had stuck to the Taste menu

        2. We went in a large group on Friday to Costa Del Sol. It was my first time going, really enjoyed the atmosphere, the place was very busy. I felt the staff were very attentive and personable. I ordered the potato onion torte, steak and flan off of the TOH menu. Everything was beautifully prepared, plated and delicious. Shared with others at the table who ordered the salad, seafood paella and rice pudding. All great value for $20.12. I would go back in a minute!

          Costa Del Sol Restaurante
          901 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, CT 06114

          1. tried Trumbull Kitchen for the first time and overall a good experience. The place was packed, and service was a little slow, but it's a good place to people watch so it wasn't so bad.

            Got the taste menu, the starter beet salad was really good. The scallops and risotto were really good, the chichen on the other hand was just so so, nothing bad to say about it, but nothing great either. Unfortunately it was served with fingerling potatoes which was a change from the menu, something about the whipped potatoes not standing up well with the dish. I think whipped would have been a better combo but oh well...Chocolate ice cream sandwiches with sour cherry sauce was good, and wow a huge serving!

            It was nice to be able to try a new place. We would go back.