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Jan 26, 2012 09:07 AM

Vegetarian friend coming to town

I have a good friend visiting this weekend who's a rather picky vegetarian but enjoys good food. However, my boyfriend and I are hearty carnivores so I'm looking for a great restaurant that will be a treat for us all. Cost isn't a real issue but nothing drastic. Downtown preferably.

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  1. Can you give more information? Is vegetarian=picky? Or does she have a long list of foods she won't eat? Or is she just unadventurous?

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      Absolutely adventureous. She has a long list though; pretty much no animal product at all, no dairy or eggs, all organic. She does eat seafood but I'm tired of taking her out for sushi every time I see her. I really want to knock her socks off Saturday night but I want that too!

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        Go to La Condesa. You might call the day before to mention you're bringing a dairy-free, egg-free, mostly-meat free person so they'll have ingredients on hand. The chef there does an amazing vegan platter. It's different every time, but always really good.

    2. break off the friendships. Life's too short to deal with vegetarians.

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        Thanks for a good laugh this morning.

      2. I like the vegetarian offerings at Fino.

        1. We've had multiple tasty vegetarian meals at Foreign & Domestic and they certainly have enough meat based appetizers/entrees on the menu. It's about 10 minutes north of downtown, but worth the drive.

          1. Shoreline Grill might be just what you're looking for. Mostly seafood with a separate all-vegetarian menu, too. It would probably help to call ahead and find out which dishes can be made entirely vegan or vegan+fish. Great water view and you can see the bats fly at sundown.

            Some other possibilities:
            Clay Pit - Indian - vegan items marked on menu
            Koriente - Healthy Asian leaning heavily toward Korean - LOTS of vegan options, plus meat.
            Karibu - Ethiopian - Most Ethiopian places will have stuff for both you and your friend
            Jezebel's - Fancy-ish, always have at least one entree that can be made vegan and will do something special if you call ahead.
            Asti Trattoria - Has a number of things that can be made vegan, but call ahead.

            If you feel like going out for Sat or Sun brunch, maybe try Mother's Cafe. They have omelets and all the usual brunch fare with a sort of Tex-Mex twist, but also lots of brunch items that are totally vegan.

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              Jezebel's burned down a while ago and Shorelin Grill is closing on the January 31st.

              1. re: auspr

                Wow. A lot can happen in 18 mos. Shame about Shoreline.