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Jan 26, 2012 09:01 AM

Corned Beef Special Near Chestnut Hill

Any idea where I can get a Corned Beef Special to go in or near CH without traveling to Bala Cynwyd?

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  1. Top of the Hill Market on East Evergreen serves them. I've never had that particular sandwich there but other sandwiches and wraps are pretty good.

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      Good to know. I've never had their sandwiches, but their other food, especially their soups are great.

    2. Well it depends on whether you are talking about an authentic corned beef special from an authentic Jewish deli, or just any corned beef, cole slaw and Russian dressing slapped on any bread. If you want a real CBS, then you're out of luck in CH. You can go to King of Prussia to Michael's deli or Bala to Murray's or Hymie's. Those are the closest to CH geographically. There are some good places in NE Philly, but that's kinda far. And of course there are places in center city too.

      1. Somewhat closer to Chestnut Hill are In The Bag (a small takeout only deli) in Maple Glen, and Pumpernicks in Montgomeryville, if you are willing to travel a few miles out.