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Jan 26, 2012 07:08 AM

Best place to find find lamb shoulder

My hubby mentioned he'd like to try a Tasting Table lamb daube recipe ( I'm wondereing where's the best place to find good lamb shoulder (preferably as one was headed in a southeast direction out of the cities)

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  1. Any of the local co-ops or better grocery store meat counters might be able to order you one, or you can try sourcing it directly from a farmer. The website is a good resource for all things edible and local to your region.

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      1. I found a nice bone-in lamb shoulder (frozen) at Bills imported foods for 3.99 a pound

        1. The Meat Science program at the University of Minnesota has a sales room on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5, where they sell lamb and another other meat raised on campus. It is a great hidden gem. See

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            Here is the correct link:
            Wow, how is it possible that I've lived and cooked here all of my life AND am a U of M alum and never knew this?!
            Thanks for the tip!

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              There is also a dairy store upstairs which has great cheese and ice cream made with milk from UMN cows on the St. Paul campus. If you go try the Neworld Blue which is a white strain of blue cheese that they have won ribbons for at the state fair.


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                The corned beef is the best. They use a lot of spices.

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                The Meat Science program at UofMn doesn't seem to carry lamb shoulder.