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Jan 26, 2012 06:56 AM

In need of recos within walking distance of San Jose Arena

Hello all! I will be traveling in mid-Feb. to San Jose to visit with family and it will be my first time to the area. I will have the pleasure of my grandmother's company on this trip - she (and her kitchen!) is the reason why I love good food!. We are both every excited to try out your recommendations during the course of our stay. We will be staying near the arena & mostly walking around (with a planned day trip to San Fran at some point). We love to try all cuisines but would like to keep away from fine dining since we're on a budget for the week. So, any recommendations as to places that we MUST try or know of any great local places? We will have a rental car so, if there's a place that you feel we just can't miss throw it out there anyway. Thanks!

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  1. For tasty gumbo and other southern inflenced grub, check out Poor House Bistro.

    Poor House Bistro
    91 S Autumn St, San Jose, CA 95110

    1. Closest place to SJ Arena is La Pastaia in the Hotel DeAnza. Italian, about $20 per/entre. Maybe Original Joe's of SJ.

      1. Stroll around San Pedro Square and inside the new San Pedro Square Marketplace and you will find lots of casual and good choices. Also, Paesanos and Henry's Hi-Life.

        1. Thanks for the great suggestions! Any good breakfast places I should know about too?

          1. If you're a fan of New York-ish style pizza, the Amici's nearby is nice - nice crust, tasty sauce and toppings & good salads - walking distance from arena. Also - think about trying some nearby Vietnamese cuisine - pho, banh mi. Lots of choices - all reasonably priced. Might require a car but you won't have to go far. One walking distance that is a little upscale but still cheap and gets good reviews is Pho 69 ( Have fun and hope you enjoy your stay.