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Jan 26, 2012 06:32 AM

Help please: Guest on bland foods diet coming to Super Bowl party

A friend coming to our Super Bowl party was just placed on a bland foods diet by their doctor. He is just getting used to the whole thing but I am trying to think of a menu for the party now.

He knows that he can't have the following: tomato, citrus, chocolate, coffee and tea, carbonated beverages, alcohol, peppermint, & fatty foods. Raw foods are out, cruciferous and gas producing foods are out. Even black pepper is out.

To top it off I am am lacto-ovo vegetarian and my house is animal/fish free.

He typically loves my cooking and is an adventurous eater so this new diet is killing him.

What ideas might any of you have on things that I can serve, especially that would be good for a game party? I am pretty good at this sort of thing but I need to get my menu banged out quickly and thought someone would have some ideas I might not think of.


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      1. re: Puffin3

        Yeah, hummus was the first thing I thought of, but beans aren't always the easiest thing to digest. I wonder if some legumes are easier to digest than others? you could research.

        When my husband was recovering from last summer's gall bladder/liver/pancreas disaster, we lived on mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs (twice as many whites as yolks), and hummus. He did OK with rice too. I realize those aren't the most fabulous party foods, but you could adjust. For instance, I bought some fresh farmer's market baby lima beas and made the best hummus EVER.

        Epicurious has a stuffed baked potato recipe w/ sauted mushrooms that can be altered to be low fat if you're willing to buy some of the ickier fat-free dairy products like sour cream and cream cheese. their deficiencies are not so noticeable in that preparation. Sprinkle a touch of real, high quality cheese on the top before final baking. You could make it in smaller portions and it would resemble the tradtional footbal food potato skins.

        I also made the husband mushroom soups (although I have to say, beef broth really helps) and blackberry popsicles. It turned out to be sorta fun to experiment with making nursing home food go upscale, and I actually felt a little better myself under this regimen. Makes me think you vegetarians might have something after all ;-)

        OH! and the only fun drink I can think of would be herb tea punch with non citrus juices, like apple, coconut water, etc. ( i assume herb tea is ok, that it's caffeine he's avoiding)

        1. re: danna

          "I wonder if some legumes are easier to digest than others?"

          Having interned years ago for the National Lentil Festival, I can tell you lentils are supposed to be the least gassy legume. ;)

          1. re: SAHCook

            How about mujadarra? Lentils, rice, caramelized onion. The fresh tomato goes in at the end so you can let people add it if they want it. It's flavor is more than the sum of its parts. I sometimes include sauteed mushrooms or cook the lentils and rice in broth rather than plain water.

        2. re: Puffin3

          any kind of roasted veg, especially carrots and red peppers, can be pureed with seasonings and a little olive oil to make wonderfully flavorful dips.

      2. Some sort of deviled egg? Maybe use yogurt in place of mayo? or along those lines, create an egg salad-like dip or spread to be served with crostini or pita.

        potato chowder

        sushi rolls, not sure about fillings...

        1. Baked potatoe bar.

          Mini soft pretzels w/different dips.

          Something using quinoa.

          Shrimp cocktail

          Mini frittatas or quiches

          Taco Bar.

          A salmon or crab cake. Baked instead of fried.

          Fruit crisps for dessert

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          1. re: viperlush

            You are SO much better at this than I am :) These things sound delicious!

            1. re: viperlush

              I was thinking baked potato bar too. That way other guests can load up on chili and salsa and he can still perhaps be pleased with sour cream and cheese sauce.

              1. re: katecm

                Yup, that's why I also suggested the taco bar. No idea what "bland filling" to serve (Scrambled egg? Shrimp? Tofu?), but I figure it might be a good one for the other guests as well.

                1. re: viperlush

                  She said her house was animal/fish free - salmon would be out and probably the crab and shrimp also.

            2. Not sure his diet and your group menu are going to find a happy middle ground on this one. What about making him an egg sandwich -- excellent bread, fried egg (if you have a nonstick pan, you don't really have to add any fat), and a cooked green vegetable (spinach?), or something like that?

              As far as foods for the group, I was thinking making pizza or foccacia, but then you're in fatty cheese and tomato sauce territory. Pasta salad usually has fatty or acidic dressing.... not an easy task!

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