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Jan 26, 2012 05:25 AM

Sunday brunch ideas???

Hi All,

I have about 16 - 18 people I want to invite to a Sunday brunch. I am trying to book the Blue Room in Cambridge, but not sure it can accomodate us at the end of Feb. Any other ideas?


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  1. We threw our engagement party at the blue room in october and it was excellent. The food is really good and the buffet is great for a group. If you had a few more people you could probably meet their minimum for the private room which is separated from the rest of the restaurant and really provides a great space for a party.

    Our other main contender was Flora in Arlington. It is a charming restaurant with a mostly wonderful staff. They would not let our party of 30 people order off of the regular menu and wanted to rip us off with a 'party' menu. If you can get in there at regular menu prices that would be another very good option.

    For that party size maybe Island Creek Oyster Bar would be able to accomodate you? Entrees would actually be less p/p than the blue room. They have a really good brunch there (seafood oriented of course).

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    1. re: AaronInBoston

      I will be calling the Blue Room today. I tried to book through open table, but it said it had nothing available. But, I was wondering if that is because I plugged in for 16 people??? Hopefully, they will accomodate us!!

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        Yeah, definitely call. Many places that use open table don't allow such large parties to be booked online, they want to talk to you in person.

        1. re: purple bot

          Yeah, that's what I figured. At first I was freaking out! I've already told everyone the Blue room. Fingers crossed! I will call them after 4pm

    2. I would also consider Eastern Standard or Brasserie Jo. Both are large spaces. I believe Brasserie Jo has a private room that might fit the bill. You could also inquire about the special lounge (Lava Lounge?) room at East Coast Grill.

      But I do think that almost any place would require a phone call for a reservation that size.

      1. Local 149 in South Boston is amazing and fun, but not as fancy. The Langham has an amazing brunch buffet in a luxerious atmosphere. OM in Harvard Square does a great brunch and you can request a window table overlooking the square.

        You can check out for more suggestions as well, but I think you would be happy with any of these.

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          I don't believe OM does brunch anymore. Not listed on their website and they open at 4PM everyday according to the site. I was there for an event recently and love the atmosphere.

          1. re: AaronInBoston

            I just confirmed with them that they do still serve brunch on Sundays. They are no longer serving lunch during the week though

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              I asked about OM sometime last year on CH and there were many many negative comments, despite Patricia Yeo's purported presence there.And perhaps I missed it, but I don't remember having seen any recent CH raves about it, so now you have me quite curious! What excellent food have you had there? And what other restnts do you also really like?

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I had heard the same, and was amazed that I enjoyed the brunch so much. All of us where! The egg sandwich on a homemade biscuit was outstanding, as were the stuffed pancakes and stuffed french toast. I have not, however, eaten there for dinner, so I can't give you any tips there.

                Oh yeah, they also had a lychee mimosa, made with real lychee pulp, that was OUTSTANDING!

                OM Restaurant and Lounge
                92 Winthrop St., Cambridge, MA 02138

        2. Posto in Davis Square might be willing to accommodate you, particularly if you make a reservation when they first open (11 a.m.). They also have a function room for larger groups.

          1. I recently booked a table for 13 for brunch at Mistral. Opentable would not accept a reservation that large, but I had no problem when I called the restaurant.