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Jan 26, 2012 04:37 AM

Dining near Kennett Square, PA [moved from Pennsylvania board]

I would like to eat lunch near Kennett SQuare, Pa. on Tuesday. I am hoping to find something with local mushrooms and/or latino influence. I would prefer that it be fresh and down-to-earth.

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  1. You may want to repost this on the Philadelphia board where most of the discussions of Kennett Square are.

    In Kennett Square is a fabulous gourmet market/restaurant, talulah's table. They have fabulous cheeses, soups, salads. You could not find a better place to eat fresh down to earth food prepared with the finest ingredients. I know others will have suggestions for latino food in the area, as there are quite a few good taqueria in the greater Kennett area.

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      I totally agree with cwdonald's recommendation for Talula's Table. If you go there, make sure you look in the refrigerators toward the back of the store for soups and other foods which they'll happily heat for you. I don't know if this matters to you, but Talula's is BYO (no cover charge) and if you bring along a bottle of wine, they'll be happy to pair foods that will go well with it.

      in Avondale, about a 10-minute drive from Kennett Square, is Taqueria Moroleon, which serves very good, authentic Mexican food at very reasonable prices.

      Although there are several restaurants in the area that serve mushroom dishes, I can't think of any that actually specialize in that.

    2. For a good local experience in Kennett Square, try Portabello's on State Street. It is under new ownership. They use local mushrooms in their dishes from the Mushroom Cap which is across the street from them; their desserts are provided by Liz Marden Bakery which is around the corner and one of the best in the area, and, the tea they serve is from the local Tea Shop which specializes in unique and interesting brews.
      For latino food, try the take out place that just opened by the same owner's of La Michoacana ice cream -- they serve great lunch food and are located on the South East corner of S. Union St. and Cypress St.