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Jan 26, 2012 04:33 AM

Advice for central London eating (with 2 kids) Feb 3-6

Hello all! We are traveling to London Feb 3-6 and have 6 meals to plan. We have two kids in tow so we'll be staying central which precludes any trips out to the 'burbs to hunt down the best.

Our objectives are: Pakistan, Thai, Lebanese, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian.

We've narrowed the list down to:

Pakistan: Tayyab's (old standby favorite)
Thai: Patara or Busaba? Any central options that are better? 101 in Hammersmith is too far east.
Lebanese: YallaYalla
Chinese: Bar Shu or Mr. Kong's -- or any other Chinatown standby
Mexican: Chilango's on Chancery Lane or Benito's Hat (Goodge St) or Tortilla (Oxford)
Indian: Wide open here

Any suggestions much appreciated-- kids are hyper so nothing elegant or luxurious. Just good food.


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  1. Just to note that Chilangos and Benitos Hat are more Tex Mex than Mexican and are kind of fast food, although you can sit in. I'd head to Wahaca (Covent Garden or Soho) if I were you, will be great for the kids.

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    1. re: pj26

      Thanks for the Wahaca tip- will put that down.

      Indian, anybody?

      1. re: pj26

        Though be warned that Wahaca doesn't take reservations and the wait for a table can be very long which might not be ideal for hungry kids. If you go early, maybe 12pm or 6pm, you can probably beat the rush.

        I think Dishoom for Indian would be good for kids.

        1. re: gembellina

          Agree Dishoom would be good for kids but they only take reservations for breakfast and lunch, not for dinner unless it's for a table of six or more.

          1. re: Paprikaboy

            Thanks for Dishoom recommendation. What about Thai? Anything better than Busaba or Patara for central Thai?

          2. re: gembellina

            Or go to Wahaca in Canary Wharf for dinner. When I used to work out there (about a year ago) you could always get a seat, even on a Friday night. It's just a few stops on the Jubilee line.

            New World in Chinatown is great for dim sum, they still have the little trolleys that you pick food from. I also like sichuan food from Red'n'hot, but it might be too spicy for the children.

            I like Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street for Thai.