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Jun 14, 2006 08:11 PM

German bread - from Germany - in Los Feliz

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I know I'm new around here, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this anywhere in LA. At Kalinka, a tiny little Armenian/Russian market on the corner of Franklin and Hillhurst in Los Feliz, they have unbelievable bread.

The bread is shipped here, frozen, from Hamburg, and Ivan, the owner (?), heats it up. Bread made with the water there, the flour there... and you really can taste the difference.

Ivan says he's the LA distributer for the bread - and that there's a few other Russian or Armenian markets that buy it from him. One in Santa Monica, one in Valley Village, and I think one in Encino (Bazaar?) - but I can't remember all the names.

I was too dizzy with the smell of the bread wafting over the counter to pay full attention.

We bought three whole loaves today (they're all different kinds) and - I really wish I could describe this. But you know when you travel and some matronly old woman in the little hotel you're thrilled you found on the cheap gives you the best family-made country bread for breakfast, fresh out of the oven? And it tastes spectacular, but later you convince yourself that maybe it was just because you were starving and/or you were so happy to be on vacation?

It's like that.

Only on the eastside.

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  1. Deep breath, mmmmm...I can smell the bread. Wish they were in OC. Since the German Family Bakery closed it hasn't been the same. Will have to stop in for a smell when I'm in LA.

    1. Very nice post/find! (And welcome to the board.)

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      1. Would love to know the names and/or locations of the markets in Valley Village & Encino which carry this bread. It sounds wonderful!

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          You can find excellent german bread at the Van Nuys German deli on Roscoe just west of Woodley.
          The bread isn't frozen, some is shipped in from canada and there's an excellent one made by a german bakery in san pedro.

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            I will be at Kalinka tomorrow (Sunday) and will ask the owner more about it!

          2. Do they have rolls as well? I still dream of the delicious breakfast rolls (I think they are called zemmel?) served at my small hotel with delicious cheese spreads and pates. That and an apple got me through many treks around Munich. Crispy outside, fluffy inside, incredible taste. Hmmm...let me know if they carry rolls as well and I'm there!

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              They don't have rolls yet, but I know they're adding to their inventory with some strudels and other pastries soon. I'll ask - I'm heading out for bread in a sec myself!