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Jan 25, 2012 11:21 PM

New Cambridge St. Spot in East Camb.; Former Deep Elum Chef ?

Read a brief Globe mention of this new spot but can't find it now. L______'s?
Former chef/owner of Deep Elum. Anyone tried it yet; comments?

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  1. I'm guessing it's Lizzy's. Nice little neighborhood bar.

    1. Looking forward to checking it out. Reviewed in On the Cheap in last weeks Phoenix.

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        My son and I went a couple of months ago, before the recent menu change. It's a small, cozy bar environment, definitely with a neighborhood vibe.

        We had the Mayflower wings and they were well-cooked and crispy. I don't remember other details. We also had the Jamaican patties that aren't on the menu now. Also quite good. Three small fairly mild patties with a cilantro-laden salsa. For main, I had the pulled pork sandwich. I thought it was really good, but definitely not for BBQ purists. It had a very complex non-traditional sauce and a mild smoke background. Friendly, low-key service. Definitely a local hangout.
        It seems like the menu changes often, depending on the season and what people are ordering. I like a place that mixes things up and also is willing to listen to it's audience.

      2. It's definitely Lizzy's.

        We stopped in recently for the first time. The chef/owner was behind the bar. Also had one cook working. It takes the concept of open kitchen to a whole new level. The far end of the bar is practiacally seated in the kitchen, so much so that you can feel the heat from the range. The buffalo chicken po boy was quite good. Also an enormous portion for $9. Some of the other items seemed less successful. Not sure it's a place we'll visit again, but it's really solid neighborhood spot serving good food and drinks at reasonable prices.