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Jan 25, 2012 10:26 PM

Pizza Bocca Lupo (Neopolitan style), Downtown San Jose - Review w/ Pics

Had dinner at Pizza Bocca Lupo on Wed 1/25/12. We were there early for dinner around 5:30pm. This place should be busier since it's really good & prices aren't as high as SF! They have a similar stove as Una Pizza Napoletana in SF. People working there are Nice & it's a Casual place inside San Pedro Market - nothing fancy, just good eats.

We tried:

Insalata $4.99 - since we mentioned we were sharing they offered to split the salad, that was very nice. Salad comes w/ arugla, pear, gorgonzola, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil. It was a nice salad w/ 5 slices of pear. Only wish it came with walnuts too, I love walnuts in my salad.

Pizzas are sold Whole 12", NO Slices here. You can get 1/2 of one type of pizza & 1/2 of another!

We got 1 pizza (1/2 of each type) for $12.99, 2 big slices of each = 4 big slices total:

Diavola $12.99 - Suppose to be Spicy, I didn't notice it, but friend did. Comes w/ crushed tomatoes, mozzarrella, salame, roasted bell pepper, garlic, crushed red peppers, extra virgin olive oil. I liked it best, but it was still Hot cuz I ate it first.

Bianca $12.99 - It comes w/ prosciutto crudo, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, arugula, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil. I thought it was ok, cheese got cold by the time I got to it.

I'll go back for the other 3 types they have:
Margherita $8.99
Joe's Special $12.99
Bradley's Special $12.99

Drinks they have:
Beer, wine, Soda, Bottled Water, Espresso, Cappuccino

Dessert $4.5 - didn't see or ask about

Recommended - go try it!!

Pizza Bocca Lupo
87 N. San Pedro St, SJ
Inside San Pedro Square Market, City garage across the street

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  1. Thanks for your review! We just drove to SF yesterday to try Tony's in North Beach - nice to know there is a much closer, cheaper place. My question: how is the seating? Is it all outdoors? From other reviews I've read, there is a central seating area. Are there outdoor heaters? I'm always cold. Thanks!

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      There is some indoor seating, but it's limited, maybe a few tables right in the restaurant. At least that's how it was the last time I was there, maybe a month or six weeks ago. Maybe as things evolve in the complex, there will be more indoor seating available.

      This is a good pizzeria, easily has the best pizza I've tried south of SF and Oakland.