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Jan 25, 2012 09:07 PM

Deep Fried Turkey

I'm deep frying my first turkey in a couple of weeks for a weekend at the cottage. All I've really figured out is how to cook the thing.....I didn't really think about how to serve it once it is cooked. I'm not looking to have a traditional turkey dinner as it is for a bunch of guys that will be playing poker and drinking beers.

What sides are usually served with deep fried turkey? I've just gone through Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner so I'm hoping not to revisit any of those dishes.....except of course the turkey.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. Good luck, I'm sure you will enjoy it. My husband used to do it all the time. He injected it with cajun seasonings. Go simple and do what you would do for a bbq. Some coleslaw, potato salad, maybe some cornbread.

    1. Since you have all of that hot oil... While you are waiting for the turkey to cool enough so you can tear it apart, make some potato chips - regular potato and sweet potato.

      Saw this done a few years ago. They were great! The sweet potato chips are going to take a lot longer to cook the the regular ones. I'm not really a sweet potato fan but I have to admit they were yummy! Thank you Paul where ever you are.

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        make a deeo-fried dough dessert, like beignets or sopapillas, with all that hot oil.

        or make funnel cakes.

        instead of cornbread, you could make deep-fried hushpuppies, indian fry-bread or corn fritters. (i'm loving the fry-bread and fritters ideas -- maybe a hybrid fried corn/dough).

        i agree with the "bbq" style sides; and i'd go for the mayo-free style in this instance -- that or the recently-discussed "health salad."

        the best part of deep fried turkey is the skin! i'd have some good soft rolls and a little green herb and mayo-based dressing too, for mini-sandwiches; the textural contrast of crisp skin and soft bread is terrific! also consider these options: a roasted red pepper aioli, an avocado-based spread (avocado and turkey are excellent together), and a cranberry mustard.

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          Yes, definitely use the oil for fried goodies. Buy some canned pie fillings, and pillsbury doughs to make little fried pies / turnovers. I would also fry up some fish, oysters and what have you. We do a turkey fry a fe times a year, and part of the fun is having the boys stand around the fryer with a few drinks, and fry stuff up. mushrooms, zuchini - if you wanna do cheese sticks, use frozen cheese. Twinkies, candy bars - have fun - BUT BE CAREFUL.

        2. When you see how much you've spent on the oil you're going to wish you had bought a second turkey which I suggest you do. Everyone will be fighting for the skin so now you will have enough for all. You won't believe how good it is, It's nice to have some gravy too if you can figure a way to do that. I would serve rice and a big pot of greens with it.

          1. I'm all for using the oil to fry other stuff after. It can be a pain in the ass, but I am a big onion ring fan, so that's what I'll usually wind up doing.

            That being said, if I were frying a turkey and spending the evening drinking beer and playing cards with buddies, I'd get a selection of the best bread(s) I can, along with some lettuce, cheese(s), assorted condiments, etc.* Just set it all up on a counter near the bar. I mean, that scenario is just screaming for sandwiches that can be made by each guy in his own style and at his own pace.

            * Don't forget to include some hot peppers.