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what are your thoughts on adam richman?

most loved his man v food because of him attempting ridiculous challenges.

man v food nation, continued this and figured the natural evolution.. i don't think anyone could take more than a few years of those challenges.

people kept replying on twitter saying how these shows showcased fat/what not.. and richman kept replying how he was showcasing small business owners and people who make great meals nothing to do with the challenges.

now he's own to amazing eats.. where he's doing just that. showcasing small business owners and nothing original. he's going to places i've seen at least 2-3 times even though i've never visited that city.

unless there's anything original i'm not watching anymore. anyone else with opinions?

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  1. I like Richman. He comes across as a decent and good guy who is not full of himself (until he eats everything on the plate--haha). Seriously. I much prefer watching him v. G. Fieri. Richman is not gimmicky with his personality. Man v. Food is entertaining, even though it may gross me out at times. Richman, at this point, can be better used elsewhere. You are correct in that the originality(?) has kind of gotten monotonous with the challanges. The idea that he is promoting small business is nice though. Remember that show with Jim O'Donnell--the one where he would travel the country..In Search Of--I'm sure that was the name of the show. They should actually bring that back with BOTH Richman and O'Donnell...I think both their personalities would blend very well. JMO. Also--I think Richman would make a fine son-in-law..if only he could meet my daughter:)

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      He's cute and sweet but I hate his show. Surely his talents could be used elsewhere.

    2. I like him.

      But to me he's like a Twinkie. Tasty, but totally empty calories.

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        Sometimes a tasty little snack is all you need.

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          Hmmmm....what are we talking about here?

      2. I enjoy the show. Richman is a good pitchman. He's very good at building excitement and talking up places in an entertaining manner.

        I know a few places he's visited. For me they were mediocre, but after watching the show I wanted to go to those places again... like I said, "Richman is a good pitchman." lol

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          Adam devotes a chapter in his book to Maine lobster rolls. Last summer we visited the place that he ranked as his strong number 2, Fisherman's Grill in Portland, a tiny place that is miles from the touristy parts of town. Excellent lob rolls. The meat is not picked until you order.

        2. I think he seems like a genuine kind fun guy.

          I think that the FN has a billion dollar policy on him and are trying to kill him by gluttony.

          I think he is far better and far more talented then the crap they are offering him.

          I think he deserves a food network makeover.

          I think someone should start a Save Adam campaign.

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            He's not on FN. He's on Tony's channel. OK, there is a shared ownership further up. And the show production is by a third party (with dozens of cable shows to their credit)

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              Nice post; great thread

              I do believe the 'psychology of the Adam Richman phenomenon' needs to be closely addressed, think this chow thread is the closest we have to doing it, and I predict that if things continue in stasis the series will end with some unmitigated disaster -- eg after massive weight-gain & other health problems Richman experiences a health problem while filming, and so on. But it is a fairy-tale on gluttony in action, tells us more about the state of our food-hunger expectations than probably anything else, and I do realize that, unless there is serious repentance and public penance, the series is not going to end well ...

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                I think you are confusing a TV show with reality. Just because he eats big portions for the show, it does not mean that he always eats that way. Plus, he has moved on. This year's Man v. Food Nation is the last of that show. His latest show is the 'best sandwich' one.

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                  Just a guess here (and really none of my business) but sarcasm seems to be oozing out of bkarger's post and a few others in this topic. I hope it didn't really pass you by. ;o]

            2. His shows are in that long running 'highlighting restaurants and their food' category, with this competitive eating twist. The closest competition is FN's DDD (or worse Heat seekers). I think FN had something like this 10 years ago (not Marc Summer's Unwrapped which focused on food factories). I like CC's Unique Eats best of the current crop. Even Tony and Andrew on TC fall in this category, though the exotic locations often trump the restaurant identities. Still I've read that it can be hard to get reservations in places that Tony visits.

              1. I don't think anything about this guy which for him and his show(s) is actually worse than if I found him a little annoying. Actually I do. I do not like the 'eat huge quantities of food' shows. I also don't like the 'how big can we make this food' aspect of his kind of peograms.

                I watched a little of his newest show last night and it seems to be just repackaged video they already have in the can. Last night they re-used the bit comparing the Jucy Lucy's in Minneapolis. (Note to Adam Richman and his producers: nobody in Minneapolis EVER refers to Minneapolis as 'Minny'. We also never refer to our state with that term.

                1. I like his personality - he can poke fun at himself on Man vs Food but I feel like he could do more than MvF format, but isn't being given the opportunity as TC already has the Z man and Bourdain.

                  I do wonder about his health though and fully expect that one day while filming yet another gut busting, OTT food challenge, he will have a massive heart attack and keel over while attempting to eat a 10lb burrito or the 6lb stack of pancakes etc. Plus, it's nauseating watching someone shoveling that amount of food into their mouth. So before I used to watch the first part and skip the food challenge but now I don't even bother with the show at all. You can visibly see him getting heavier and looking pasty white...

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                      I like "Man v. Food"'s simplistic formula, and I like Richman, but my thoughts somewhat echo those of SeoulQueen. Every time I've watched this guy Richman, I'm thinking, "He's a heart attack waiting to happen," as he stuffs himself full of cheese, eggs, ice cream, beef, pork, etc. I never heard of Richman before the show, so I don't know how illustrious he is in the "business" (he claims in the show's intro to have participated in every aspect of it; I'll take his word for it), but he seems to be a good-natured, decent guy (I especially enjoy the cheesy sporting-event vibe he gives these "challenges"), so there's always been a bit of an ambivalence there-- I enjoy the show, and I like him, but I don't like the thought that I'm watching someone in essence self-destructing. Too dramatic? Perhaps. But I hope he has a pretty good insurance policy, as well as a lifetime supply of Lipitor. Obviously, Richman himself is aware of the dangers, as he's pulled himself away from the "food challenge" format and attempted to diversify.

                      Having said that, I haven't really paid much attention to his recent shows. And, yes, I do feel a bit guilty about it. I'm concerned about the guy's health and longevity, but I find boring the shows where he doesn't push the envelope by himself. "Food nation"...the few minutes of it I watched...seemed something of a cop-out, and the "Sandwich Challenge" doesn't interest me.

                      I hope he can come up with a new format that works, because I do like the guy, and sincerely wish him well.

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                        He's like the "Wheel of Fortune" of food shows. Simple, simple entertainment. Sometimes that's a refreshing way to relax for an hour in this crazy mixed-up world.

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                          Though I see another side of him when he judges Iron Chef America. He shows good knowledge and taste.

                  1. I enjoy the show because, at one time I was able to really 'pack it in' at the table (still am to a certain extent). I lived for AYCE. These days I can barely put down Fatburger's 24oz burger. Now, I watch and wonder if I would be (would have been) able to compete.

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                    1. re: mucho gordo

                      As I recall, you are 50 lbs. lighter in Summerlin than you were in east LA?

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                        That's somewhat true, Veggo. Unfortunately I think that the 'good life' can be fattening. I may have put back about 10.

                    2. There is an audience for EVERYTHING! May not be your thing but guarantee SOMEONE is in to it. Switch off if you don't like whats showing. Just sayin.....

                      1. He (and his shows) jumped the shark after he stopped doing the eating challenges.

                        1. Nice guy.
                          Useful concept.
                          Enough is enough.

                          1. Personally, I think he's adorable. Very self deprecating, his smile and giggle are infectious and there's always a drool-worthy moment to be had in any episode of any one of his shows. I do admit I was glad to see the network take enough of an interest in his health and well-being to work the spin-offs after M v F. I worried about his health and it seems there were others around him who did as well. I got to meet Joey Chestnut here in PDX once and would've loved to have met Adam when he was here filming as well. Yeah.....I'm a food geek groupie.

                            1. I haven't seen what he looks like recently, but any time I've seen the guy on Man vs Food, he just looks unwell--ghastly pale, puffy, with an unnatural sheen to his skin. It's a little disturbing, really.

                              I am, however, intensely jealous of some of the delicious food he gets to attempt to conquer.

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                                Are you sure those aren't just artifacts of lighting and makeup?

                                Just because he does a show that involves eating massive hamburgers, it does not mean that he spends all of his days inside eating that way.

                                A while back Alton Brown lost a bunch of weight, and people were complaining how gaunt and unwell he looked.

                                According to his Wiki article (see that for references)
                                "To maintain his health while indulging for his show on Travel Channel's Man v. Food (which aired from 2008 to 2011) Richman would exercise twice a day while on the road.[1][6] When the schedule permitted, he would not eat the day before a challenge and he tried to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water or club soda and forgoing coffee or soft drinks.[7]"

                              2. I consider eating competitions and eating as much food as possible just for the sake of eating it is disgusting. It's food abuse.

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                                1. I took a job working on his latest show. I have to look at every piece of footage they shoot, and 3 tapes in, I wanted to quit. An egomaniac, a know-it-all, and dear god in heaven is he annoying. When the show is cut down and edited thoroughly, he's presented in an entirely different light, and that's what makes the show work. Kudos to his editors, because 30 unedited minutes in a room with this guy is straight up painful.

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                                    Yeah he comes off as just as annoying in the edited clips.