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Jan 25, 2012 08:49 PM

Best Chocolate? Possible Mail

I am looking for the best chocolate to buy for my spouse. I had once taken a trip to Victoria back in April 2009 and had chocolate from Chocolat Chocolatier De Victoria. That was the best chocolate we had ever had. Unfortunately they do not ship chocolate outside of Victoria.

I was thinking of getting chocolate from Cacao Atlanta Chocolate co., but I am unsure if that will be as good. I have currently had chocolate in Baltimore from Glarus, which is good but not to the level of Chocolat in Victoria. I have read some posts stating that people like Hershey's (which honestly I can not eat anymore, it tastes old and a bit pasty), I also do not like Godiva. I am a Lindt's fan, but believe and know there is better stuff out there. I like See's but I don't think that's worth the price. Varlhona's is good but not as great as Chocolat or Glarus.

Any suggestions? Any comments about Cacao Atlanta?

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  1. Lake Champlain. You won't be disappointed. Unfortunately, it's been several years since I had the pleasure and I can't tell you exactly what I had, but think maybe it was either Chocolate sampler or chocolates of Vermont.

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      Lake Champlain is a good option, I like the chocolates of Vermont and the 5-star bars best. I have not had Cacao Atlanta. L.A.Burdick is also excellent chocolate that you can order online. I usually order the hot chocolate, but the truffle assortments are nice, too.

      Another option would be to order from a place where you could try several different kinds at once. For bars, At the Meadow ( has a very large selection. They also carry Cacao Atlanta bars.

      There's also CocoaBella ( if you're looking more for truffles and filled chocolates.

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        +1 on the Lake Champlain - AWESOME. I like See's too... I also like Ethel M. Another good one is Choclatique. I'm not a huge Godiva fan either, but their dessert truffles are pretty good. Love Le Maison du Chocolat as well...

      2. Wow, I think this is an impossible recommendation for me. There are soooo many chocolatiers in the world and many do some amazing things. Some more avant garde, some very traditional. Even within just the "dark chocolate" realm there are so many variables.

        That said, if you're looking for state side chocolates - I do like Jaques Torres work and makes his chocolate from beans, which most shops just don't have the knowledge or "insanity" to do.