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Jan 25, 2012 08:45 PM

Saveur on iPad?

I've been thinking about trying the electronic subscription via the Zinio app on my iPad. Do you recommend that? My hope is that I could just save or print the recipes I like without having magazines pile up or spending an afternoon cutting recipes out of back issues. Thanks!

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  1. I've used both the Zinio app for Saveur and the native iPad Saveur app and much prefer Zinio. The Saveur app crashes constantly (I've had to reinstall it 4 times so far) and I know other users have had similar problems for months and the performance has not improved. Zinio is reliable and I love the ability to switch to plain text as well. If you install the Zinio reader on your desktop, you can also print just the pages you need.

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    1. re: SwissKiki

      Aha! So, some questions (I've also been thinking about subscribing on iPad):

      How do subscriptions on Zinio work? Is it like an academic subscription (ie, pay for access to the full archive of content for a defined period of time), or is it like a magazine subscription (ie, you will get one new magazine worth of content each month of your subscription?

      What happens when your subscriptions end? Do you lose access to the content that you received during the subscription?

      1. re: LiamF

        Like a magazine. And I switched to the ipad app but still have access to my old Zinio issues (thank god).